Mega KO Tournament at PokerMatch casino

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  • Casino: PokerMatch 694
  • Дата: 03/06/2021-03/06/2021
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize fund: 709 5 000 000 UAH
  • Game type: Poker
  • Tournament type: maximum points
Tournament Mega KO

March 6, at 21:00 Moscow time, the Mega KO tournament for card game lovers starts at the online casino. The guaranteed prize fund of the competition is UAH 5,000,000. More than 2,000,000 UAH will be drawn additionally in the form of gifts. Participation is available to all poker fans registered on the official website of the PokerMatch platform. The entrance fee is 2500 UAH, 2500 TM or 25,000 VIP points. You can also join the competition through qualification.

Satellites are mini-tournaments where you can win a free ticket to a larger event. Qualifiers for Mega KO are shown in the following table:

SatelliteEntry FeeWin Prize
Mega KO Satellite #1 753850 UAH2 tickets to the main event Mega KO
Mega KO Satellite №1.1300 UAH 2 tickets to Mega KO Satellite #1
Mega KO Satellite #1.2100 UAH2 tickets to Mega KO Satellite #1.1
Mega KO Satellite №1.335 UAH2 tickets to Mega KO Satellite №1.2
Mega KO Satellite №1.412 UAH2 tickets to Mega KO Satellite №1.3
Mega KO Satellite №1.54 UAH2 tickets to Mega KO Satellite №1.4

Buy-in in satellites starts from 4 UAH. The minimum number of players is from 6. In addition, until March 5 inclusive, every day at 21:20 Moscow time, a bounty satellite will be held in the lobby with an entry fee of 250 UAH and a guaranteed prize pool of 5 entrance tickets to the Main Event. You can also qualify through a satellite with a buy-in of 1250 UAH.

Players who have registered in the Mega KO event will not be able to undo this action. All unused entrance tickets (if there are more than 4) can be exchanged for tournament money within three days from the end of the competition.

During the event, additional prizes will be drawn - free spins in slot machines, as well as other bonuses in poker and casino. All relevant information will appear in the chat.

Conversation format is KO (multiple entries). The user can register in the tournament no more than four times. The starting stack is 250,000 chips. The blinds at the start are 300/600. The duration of the levels is 10 minutes. For each knocked out opponent, the participant will receive 1250 hryvnias.

All prize money is paid out automatically immediately after the end of the competition. There are no wagering requirements. The company reserves the right to make changes to the current rules of the tournament. Any violation of the user agreement will result in the disqualification of such a player.

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