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BingoMuertitosby Red Rake

Editor's Score
Free Play Bonus
100 Free Spins & 100% Bonus
Payout Speed
Min. deposit
500 USD
Total slots
  • Release date: 2018
  • Cards: 1-4
  • Numbers on the card: 15
  • Bet per card: 0.05 to 15
  • Min. round cost: 0.05
  • Max. round cost: 60
  • RTP: 95.39%
  • Number of balls: 60
  • Balls per game: 30 + 10 additional
  • Adding balls: Yes
  • Max. winnings: 108000
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Platforms: PC,Smartphones
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100 Free Spins & 100% Bonus
Payout speed
Min. deposit
500 USD
Total slots
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You can appreciate the unusual flavor of the Latin American holiday El Día de Muertos by playing the Muertitos slot by Red Rake Gaming. Bingo is replete with traditional Day of the Dead decorations - colorful skulls. Thanks to the bonus round, the usual gameplay becomes even more exciting and profitable, and additional balls allow you to win more often in the main game.

Features of the slot machine

The game appeared in online casinos in 2018. In any round, the gambler has the opportunity to use from 1 to 4 cards with a 3x5 table of numbers and 19 directions, in which winning sequences can be added. You can adjust the number of active tickets by turning off and on each of them using the button in the upper right. Numeric combinations are selected automatically. Numbers on them can be changed by clicking on the card. It is important to take into account that the numbers on all used tickets will be replaced.

To start, press the Play button. In each round, 30 numbered balls are randomly selected. All matching numbers are automatically marked on active cards, and winning combinations are highlighted with colored lines. If, after the drawing, there is still the possibility of painting over new figures on the coupons, up to ten extra balls can be used for an additional bet. Among them, two can fall out with special properties:

  • Wild Ball — an analogue of the wild in video slots, makes it possible to cross out any free number on the card.
  • Free Ball — allows you to use the next extra ball for free.
Игровой процесс
Gameplay 1176

Функционал игры включает в себя деморежим, позволяющий игрокам использовать игровой автомат Muertitos бесплатно и без регистрации. При этом весь геймплей сохраняется. RTP составляет 95,93%. Бинго создано на базе технологии HTML5 и оптимизировано для игры на мобильных гаджетах. Игроки могут менять язык интерфейса, выбирая между английским, испанским, французским, итальянским, португальским и немецким.

Use the Auto menu to activate the auto mode. In it, you can choose the number of spins, the conditions for managing additional balls and other features. The lightning key activates the turbo mode with accelerated animation, and the Info button opens a detailed help section.

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Bets and payouts

Players can manage the bet amount by using the Total Bet menu. The bet on each of the active tickets is from 0.05 to 15 credits in the casino currency. In total, you can bet up to 60 game coins at a time. The maximum payout for one card is 27,000 credits and is guaranteed to the player if all numbers match. Winnings for each combination, taking into account the current bet amount, are displayed at the top of the screen.

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Bonus game

Bingo from Red Rake Gaming often delights players with themed bonuses, and the Muertitos machine is no exception. The bonus round starts after a combination is drawn with filling in all columns of numbers, except for the central one. Instead of cards and balls, a wall with skulls will appear in front of the player. They must be selected one by one. Instant prize payouts will be awarded for each choice.

Бонусный раунд
Bonus round
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Design and sound design

Videobingo has a colorful design . Launching the demo of the Muertitos slot machine, the player finds himself in a night cemetery. The playing field is located against the backdrop of a landscape with a starry sky, tombstones and thunderclouds. Skulls can be seen everywhere. The game is accompanied by the accompaniment of traditional Mexican music with the chirping of cicadas.

Игровое поле
Playing field
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Pros and cons

Outstanding bingo design highlights it among other developments of the genre, and this is not the only feature that attracts users. The bonus round and the Extra Balls mode are most often mentioned in the reviews of gamblers as the main advantages of the slot machine.

  • Bonus Game
  • Additional orbs
  • Free Ball and Wild Ball
  • Cannot change numbers on individual cards
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Latest reviews on Muertitos
September 04, 2020 1450

Бинго очень заинтересовало, люблю такую незаурядную тематику) Пока не было времени толком заценить, поиграл несколько минут и добавил в закладки, по описанию я не понял один игровой момент. Если вы покупаете добавочные шары, дикий и бесплатный шарики могут выпасть несколько раз или только по одному? И можно ли покупать шары в автоматическом режиме?

September 05, 2020

Balloons can be bought in automatic mode, for There is a special setting for this in the menu. The number of Free Ball and Wild Ball in one round is unlimited.

August 24, 2020

In my experience playing this developer has the most unusual bingo, and this title did not let us down either. I was pleased with the atmospheric bonus round, although it took a long time to wait for it. RTP and payouts are clearly higher than in most bingo, which is also good news. One of the best devices of this genre that have yet to be evaluated.

Overall rating
5 / 5
SidbezNancyBeginner 1485
01 июля 2020

a very peculiar toy, fans of slots about Halloween and other gloomy things will obviously appeal to fans, only skulls are not scary here, but even vice versa)) quite often a wild ball falls out, it even happened using it to fill out the card completely - I immediately regretted that I played in the demo .. usually I cut down bingo after 5 minutes of the game, and it just dragged on, I’ll definitely play more

Overall rating
5 / 5
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