Nick Dandolos is a master of rapid ups and downs

Despite the advantages that gambling establishments have, there is always a chance for visitors to win money. But winning all the time is a completely different story. Nick Dandolos has experienced 73 takeoffs in his life - so many times he became a millionaire, and then lost his entire fortune. Many casinos were always glad to see him, even if they parted with impressive sums. A true gentleman in gambling, Nick was the best advertisement for any institution of the 20th century.

ИмяNikos Dandolos
NicknameNick the Greek
Date of birthApril 27, 1883
BirthplaceRethymnon, Greece
Date of deathDecember 25, 1966
Death's placeГардина, Калифорния, США
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Early Years

Greek was born into a wealthy family, his parents were engaged in trade. The young man received a degree in philosophy from the Evangelical School of Smyrna without any problems. The godfather of a young man gave him the opportunity to go to the USA at the age of 18. Nick was given $150 each week for expenses.

The immigrant first settled in Chicago. Here he lived for several years, regularly changing jobs. Relatives hoped that the money and experience gained would allow Nick to become a businessman in the future. The young man, in search of new adventures, went to Montreal, where he was first involved in gambling. From that moment on, the fate of the Greek was sealed.

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Hand in hand

At the beginning of the 20th century horse racing was very popular in Montreal. When the Greek first got to the hippodrome, he felt an unprecedented surge of adrenaline. At this time, relatives still sent him an allowance, which was now used for bets.

Soon a frequent visitor to the hippodrome met professional Canadian jockey Phil Musgrave. The latter helped the beginner to understand the basics and features of horse racing. Nick had a good command of mathematics since his school desk, which allowed him to calculate the approximate probability of winning.

In 1 year, the Greek earned $500,000 on horse races

A series of winnings alerted Phil Musgrave. The jockey was afraid that his reputation would suffer, and suggested that the Greek disperse. The latter did not want to give up gambling, but in order not to disturb his friend, he returned to the USA. The hippodrome in Montreal was replaced by numerous casinos. The immigrant has traveled to Illinois, New Orleans and Nevada.

Horse racing has forever taken first place in Nick Dandolos' gambling hierarchy. Other entertainments were distributed as follows: dice, roulette, cards.

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Introducing Einstein

Greek's reputation was impeccable. He was perceived as an honest and talented player. Shortly before the end of World War II, Nikos Dandolos was contacted by a US State Department official. The caller asked to join "Little Al from Jersey" in poker. When Nick remarked that gambling was illegal in New York City, the civil servant allowed him to turn a blind eye to the law for the sake of Albert Einstein.

Greek subsequently accompanied the scientist several times on his visits to Las Vegas. Among the players about this goes the following legend. When Nick, along with Einstein, was near the roulette table, the latter declared that it was impossible to win at it. Nick immediately proved otherwise. He exchanged several thousand for chips and bet everything on red three times. The Greek grinned slyly in front of the scientist, cashing out his winnings.

Ник Грек в казино
Cigars are Nick the Greek's second big passion after gambling
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A series of failures

Грек часто предпочитал играть по-крупному, если позволяло финансовое положение. Поскольку его азарту не было равных, завсегдатай казино мог в одночасье слить $500 тыс. Ник будто бросал вызов судьбе — ему нравилось проигрывать, чтобы вновь подниматься с нуля.

This discipline is designed for 2 participants. Compared to other gambling entertainments, it is young, but at the same time popular. Gin Rummy can be played by the rules at most online casinos today. History reference It is not known who and when invented this discipline. There are several theories about its origin, but…Read more

Duel with Johnny Moss

About 1949 rumored to beBenny Binion organized a tournament for two participants. He invited Nick Dandolos and Johnny Moss to determine the best poker player. The confrontation dragged on for 5 months. When the Greek lost more than $2 million, he said one of the most famous lines:

"Mr. Moss, I have to let you go."

Many are convinced that this heads-up inspired Benny Binion to create the World Series of Poker. Others claim that the contest between Nick Dandolos and Johnny Moss never took place.

The Victim of Fraud

Ray Ryan is also mentioned among the well-known opponents of the Greek. In 1949, players spent 15 days at the Flamingo and Thunderbird casinos until both wanted to stop. So far, Nick has leaked over $500,000.

"The casino doesn't beat the player. It just gives you the opportunity to beat yourself.” — Nick Dandolos.

The loser started to analyze the match to sort out the errors. Nick later came to the conclusion that his opponent was cheating. Ray hired a man to sit on the roof of a nearby building, peeking at the cards and radioing information.

To get the money back, Grek turned to the gangsters. He was well acquainted with Marshall Caifano, a member of the Chicago mafia, so he asked him to track down the deceiver and beat him up a bit. In 1964, the gangster was arrested, and Ray Ryan appeared in court as one of the witnesses. However, Nikos Dandolos' involvement in this crime has never been proven.

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A real player

Toward the end of his life, Nick went bankrupt. He didn't even have a couple thousand left to lose easily. Despite poverty, the gambler continued to enjoy the atmosphere of a casino in limit poker - the maximum bet was limited to $5.

Ник Грек в старости
Greek donated more than $20 million to charity in his life

Nick died on December 25, 1966- year. In 1978, he was posthumously inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

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