UK Authorities Tighten Online Slot Regulations

The UK Government has supported a new package of tougher Gambling Commission measures to protect players. Basically, its action extends to the work of online slots. The updated measures must be fully implemented by operators by 31 October. The Protection and Control package includes a complete ban on features that speed up the game or mark losses as wins.

Other changes to make games less harmful and give users more control over their gambling cravings include a ban on automated rotation and reverse withdrawal of funds. The second measure will prevent users from re-playing with money they previously requested to withdraw to a bank card.

Commission Commissioner Neil MacArthur said: “To make online gaming safer, we are banning features that speed up the game or give the illusion of control over the outcome. We are also implementing a ban on automatic spins, losses disguised as wins. From now on, the rotation speed of the slots cannot be faster than 2.5 seconds. Evidence shows that these features increase the risk of harm to clients. This is another important step in making gambling safer.”

Нил Макартур
Commission Commissioner Neil MacArthur

Previous measures taken by the industry regulator include a ban on paying for gambling with credit cards and new rules aimed at eradicating the irresponsible practices of “VIP clients”.

According to the Commission, slot machines today have the highest requirements for gambling services among all online gambling destinations. Thus, the average cost per player in this area is 67 pounds per month, compared to 36 pounds, which fall on land-based casinos. At the same time, the average player spends only £45 per month on sports betting, which is very popular in the UK.

Recall that Appleaccused of making a profit from illegal gambling.

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