$26 million jackpot winner launders her winning ticket

U.S. resident claims to have won a massive $26 million California lottery jackpot . However, she has no evidence of this, as she washed her winning SuperLotto Plus ticket in the laundry. An American woman bought it at a convenience store in Norwalk, a suburb of Los Angeles.

As it turned out, the woman actually bought a lottery ticket, which was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Lottery organizers stated that in this draw , which took place on November 14, they fixed the jackpot win. It must be redeemed within 180. But the deadline for claiming the prize ended on Thursday, May 13th.

Esperanza Hernandez, a Norwalk store clerk, told the Whittier Daily News in California that a woman came to her on Wednesday. She claimed to have won a massive jackpot but was unable to prove it as she accidentally sent the lucky ticket to the launderer.

Lottery spokeswoman Cathy Johnston stated that store footage would not be enough to substantiate the woman's claim. This requires "convincing substantive evidence that the person actually had the ticket."

Nevertheless, a copy of the video footage from the cameras was handed over to the organizers. The claim will be further investigated, Johnston said.

If there is no recognized jackpot winner, the funds will be distributed to California public schools, SuperLotto Plus said in a statement. At the same time, the retailer that sold the winning ticket received $130,000 as part of the standard lottery procedure.

According to the Los Angeles Times, citing verified sources, it is extremely rare for California lottery ticket holders to not get in touch.

As a reminder, an Alaskan residenthit a jackpot of more than $2 million by betting $40.

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