The largest casino operator in Poland announced the opening of its facilities

The largest land-based casino operator in Poland, Casinos Poland, announced the imminent opening of its gambling facilities. It is reported that eight brand locations across the country will immediately begin to receive visitors again after a two-month break caused by quarantine measures due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

On its official website, the operator stated: “In accordance with the current resolution of the Council Ministers of Poland and other supervisory authorities, our casinos will be open between 15 and 28 February 2021.”

At the same time, facilities will only be allowed to open if management can ensure that they operate safely in accordance with all government and health requirements.

In particular, all gambling establishments will be required to screen the temperature of everyone visitor, regular disinfection of surfaces that employees and guests come into contact with (door handles, slot machines, chips, coffee tables, etc.). Each player and casino employee must adhere to the mask regime. Used masks will be changed free of charge.

Casinos Poland
Casinos Poland

It is important to note that Century Casino, an American company, owns 66.6% of Casinos Poland through its Austrian subsidiary, Century Resorts Management GmbH . Last year, Century announced a sharp increase in third-quarter revenue after acquiring four casinos in June.

During the same period, the Polish business of the American hospitality and entertainment giant accounted for 4% of its adjusted earnings. 688

В конце прошлого года прогнозные данные Century Casino утверждали, что в первой половине 2021 года из-за ситуации с ограничениями из-за COVID-19 и продолжающегося роста заболеваемости во многих странах компания будет ощущать «существенное негативное влияние».

Напомним, венгерские политики protest against the operation of the casino.

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