Ukrainian casino license is one of the five most expensive in the world

Maxim Lyashko, who is responsible for the implementation of the corporate strategy of the Parimatch holding and part-time partner of the company, shared his opinion in an interview his vision of the situation around the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine.

The expert noted that the signing of the law on the legalization of gambling by the President of the country Volodymyr Zelensky is a big breakthrough for the state and the economy. He emphasized the existence of a large shadow business in this sector, which was a derivative of the fact that the gambling market was outlawed for many years. And this, in turn, caused multi-billion dollar losses to the Ukrainian treasury.

In addition, Lyashko paid special attention to the details of the bill. The functionary expressed satisfaction that "we did not follow the path of our closest neighbors, where, for example, betting is allowed, but online casinos are not," therefore, the legal aspects of all types of such business were touched upon in the document.

Dignity of the law, he also named a clause according to which a separate brand should be tied to a license. Maxim Lyashko explained the main advantage of such a decision: “This obviously eliminates the practice when one company can obtain one license, but operate with many brands, leasing or subleasing them.”

At the same time, he noted that, according to According to the current law, the cost of a license to open a casino in Ukraine is among the five most expensive in the world. Moreover, if we analyze the country's population and GDP, then according to this indicator, Ukraine will confidently take the first place.

In such conditions, according to Lyashko, the likelihood of major brands entering the local market is very small.

Recall that the experttold about current events in the field of gambling entertainment in the post-Soviet space.

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