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Maxbetslots online casino
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Last update: 07.12.2022
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Real Maxbetslots Casino Reviews

August 13, 2022

Not true, quite a normal casino. And they give to play and there are no problems with the withdrawal. In comparison with many others, such as platinum, Russia. They don’t ban here for no reason. As it happened to me, in platinum. Gave free free spins, raised money from them and then banned. Reason: a. 9.2, i.e. abused free spins. Although she has been playing since the age of 16. About this casino is a solid 5+. Support really interacts with the financial department. And not like let's go to the volcano of Russia., even after checking aka banned

July 13, 2022

Hi everyone! I can say one thing, the casino is really honest, it pays out winnings ... but for a very long time (this is the only minus). I’ll tell you by personal example. I made a deposit of 375 rubles. The winnings after a few hours amounted to 98,000. 5 days I waited 5 days ... they sent the conditions for withdrawing funds by mail, or rather, to pass account verification. The conditions were as follows: Verify identity, i.e. photo of the passport and a selfie with it, then a photo of all the cards that were used when replenishing ( they don’t ask for a three-digit code, you can paint it over) and a selfie with cards. I understood, and then read on the sites, that all this is to confirm the age and compliance of the account holder with the data of payment systems. Since, according to the rules of any normal casino, all monetary transactions can be made only the owner of the account and from their accounts, cards, etc. .d. In short ...... I had a problem that I made deposits from three cards and two of them were virtual, i.e. I can’t take a photo with them and confirm that they are mine. Wrote with support service (which in this casino works for a solid 5!!!), they suggested what and how to do it. I did it, sent it. In general, the whole account verification procedure took 4 days. The funds will arrive in the near future! But ..... There is a condition of this casino that the funds are withdrawn partially (15000), such is their payment system. Ok ... no question. But it turned out that it is partially 15000 per day))) And count how long I waited for 98000) And if it was 1000000))) But the money came, I can’t say anything! Yes, and the return in the slots is the coolest or I’m just lucky)))

Overall score
5 / 5
October 03, 2021

Tell me please everyone gets money or someone didn’t get it

Elnur QuliyevBeginner
February 25, 2022

I still haven’t received

June 15, 2021

I liked this casino!

Overall rating 898
4 / 5
February 17, 2021

A cool casino, at least with a withdrawal everything is fine with them, but with a win, how lucky or learn to play

Overall rating
3 / 5
Para BellumBeginner 921
22 декабря 2020

Don't ever play at this casino in your life. Of all the casinos that I played, this is the worst. Only once at the beginning I managed to withdraw money. Then, no matter how I tried, it didn't work. free spins get a maximum of x10-x15 of the bet. Skip casino. Ask them for a license - they will say that they cannot provide it for security reasons. The slots are located on some left servers. and in tkhsupport they treat that on the sources. It is better to throw money into a point than to put it on the balance in this pseudo-casino. do not play here!

Overall rating
1 / 5
October 03, 2021

Unable to withdraw? Or did you not win?

November 26, 2019

Can I submit 2 or more withdrawal requests at once? And how quickly will they be processed?

November 26, 2019

Users below Platinum are allowed to create one application, and after its consideration, the next one is submitted. Players with Platinum and Diamond statuses can create up to four applications at the same time, and with Turbo VIP status, the number of applications is not limited. They are considered in accordance with the conditions of the casino - from 3 to 30 days, depending on the amount.

November 18, 2019

Десять раз подумайте перед началом игры на этом сайте. Игры нелицензионные и накрученные – слив идет полным ходом. Не знаю, откуда берутся люди, которые пишут об игре в плюс в этом заведении. Наверное, это фейковые отзывы, не имеющие ничего общего с реальностью.

August 31, 2020

Totally agree,I lost faith in humanity in this casino

The BeastNewbie
November 14, 2019

One of the few casinos that has an interface in Ukrainian. Usually small clubs offer only the Russian version of the site. It is a pity that it is still impossible to replenish the account with hryvnia. It is also strange that technical support only works in Russian. And so the casino is nothing - payments are unrealistically long. One can not dream of three days when withdrawing 2-3k rubles - I have been waiting for more than a week!!!

Overall score
1 / 5
October 03, 2021

But did you get any money? I just applied for the withdrawal of 45.000r and within 5 days they should come, will they come at all? 1022

VITEK Новичок
31 августа 2020

Правильно сказано-казино ни о чем, просто унылое " г..."

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