Pai-Gow poker in online casinos - rules, features and course of the game

Пай-гоу покер

Pai-Gow poker is a discipline that first appeared in the USA in the middle 80s of the last century. In this game, participants receive 7 cards each, from which they form 2 hands. When comparing the results, the strength of both combinations is evaluated. This type of poker adopted the basic rules from Pai-go dominoes, but cards became its main attribute. Today, this entertainment, although not widely popular akin to Hold'em, is often offered by online casinos in the section of slots and games with live dealers.

Start of Hand

Each game uses a classic 52-card deck and 1 joker. The role of the latter is determined by the rules of the gambling site. The joker can act as a substitute for an ace, complete the missing part of a straight, flush or other combination.

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At the beginning ofthe game the players in the hand place bets. After the end of the starting auction, 7 stacks of cards, 7 pieces each, are laid out on the table. The rest are pushed aside. The stacks are placed at the disposal of the players in turn. In an online casino, this happens automatically; when playing live with friends, the primacy of the move is determined by a roll of dice.

Пай-гоу покер Live в онлайн-казино
Pai-Gow Poker can be played live with a live dealer

If the game is played in Live mode, the dealer acts as a banker. Draws that occur at the table are interpreted in his favor.

When the participants take their cards, they can look into them and think about how they will form combinations.

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Середина игры

The user needs to divide the received seven cards into two hands - upper and lower. In this case, the combination in the first must necessarily be weaker than in the second, otherwise the player will be counted an automatic defeat. The top hand consists of five cards and forms classic poker combinations.

PairTwo identical cards
Two pairsPair of equal value and one more of another
SetThree cards of the same value
StreetHighest Sequence
FlushFive suited cards
Full housePair and set
КареFour cards of equal strength
Straight FlushAscending sequence of the same suit
Royal FlushTens to Ace High Straight Flush

The other two cards go to the top hand, and there can only be one hand, a pair. If not, the strength of the combination is estimated by the seniority of the kicker. The latter is an ordinary card with the highest value in the hand.

The term "poker" combines several types of card games with similar trading rules and making combinations. The player is given a choice of solutions (increase the bet, pass, exchange), which allows the use of a strategy to increase the probability of winning. Poker tables are a great option for entertainment, earnings. But first…Read more
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When users have formed their combinations, they are compared. The main task in Pai-go poker is to collect two combinations that are stronger than the banker. It is mandatory to beat both hands of the dealer, otherwise the player will lose.

Правила Пай-гоу покера
In Pai-Gow poker, the user must collect two combinations

In some online casinos, a draw when comparing combinations does not lead to a loss chips and is not treated as a victory for the banker. In this case, bets are carried over to the next hand or returned.

Strategically, Pai-GowPoker is much easier than Hold'em, since there are no auctions and most of the usual actions such as calling, raising, and checking. The whole difficulty lies only in the correct formation of hands. The cards must be distributed in such a way as to get the most profitable combinations in each set.

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