The first gambling license was officially issued in Ukraine

The Ukrainian gambling regulator today confirmed the information about the issuance of the first license in the history of the legal Ukrainian gambling market. Its happy owner was Spaceix LLC, which is the owner of the trade mark (TM) Kosmolot. The corresponding decision at number 34 can be found on the official resource of the department. The permission will allow the operator to organize and conduct gambling on the Internet.

Commenting on this event, Sergey Potapov, CEO of the company, said that the issuance of the first license in the gambling market of Ukraine will allow the local jurisdiction to loudly declare its most serious intentions, and also show their openness to foreign operators.

The functionary also added: “The creation of a legal market is clearly worth it to implement this project. Legalization is a very long process. It is necessary to note the work of the Commission. This government agency, despite its youth, works very efficiently and clearly. Our company encourages all stakeholders to "go out". We want to make entertainment in the casino safe and understandable for the society.”

Potapov noted that the immediate plans of Spaceix LLC include the task of creating a positive image of the Ukrainian gambling market and developing an unforgettable experience for gamblers. 682

Согласно информации портала Contr Agent, компания ООО «Спейсикс» была зарегистрирована 28 марта прошлого года, а ее уставной капитал составляет 30 млн гривен.

Kosmolot Lottery Hall

Стоит отметить, что ранее Комиссия по регулированию азартной сферы Украины сообщала о том, что была вынуждена отклонить все поданные заявки от пяти операторов. Каждый из них не смог правильно оформить соответствующий пакет документов. В их числе был и владелец ТМ «Космолот».

At the same time, the head of the Ukrainian Gambling Association, Anton Kuchukhidze, confirmed the interest of 20 representatives of the gambling industry, including large foreign companies, in Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Напомним, в Украине summed upinterim results of the launch of the gambling market.

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