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Play online at Pokerok

There are many sites on the Internet where you can play online poker. In applications, a different number of people are authorized at the same time, which indicates their popularity. The leader of modern online poker is the PokerOK room. This is a Russian operator providing access to the services of the Asian network GGNetwork. It appeared relatively recently, in 2014, pushing PokerStars to second place. We tell you how to log in to the official website of Pokerok, what features the poker room has. Separately, we mention bonuses for new and existing users, in which poker formats and at what rates the game is available. We give recommendations on how to download the official applications of the room for different devices (it's not so easy here), top up your account or withdraw money, as well as about the work schedule of the support service.

Лобби покер-рума
This is how the main page of the PokerOK client for a computer looks like 805

Вход на официальный сайт Pokerok

Acquaintance with the poker room begins with the main page of its official website, which the user enters. You can enter Pokerok for free from any device - the site is adapted and conveniently opens both on a computer monitor and on small screens of smartphones and tablets.

Users from Russia and Belarus may experience difficulties with the availability of the resource, because to. it is often blocked by Internet providers due to the presence of an online casino and bookmaker on the site, which require a license to operate. At the same time, online poker is not prohibited.

In the upper right corner of the official Russian site PokerOK there are two buttons: "Login" and "Register". The first is used by people with already created accounts, the second is for new players who do not have a valid account in the poker room.

Расположение кнопок
Login and registration buttons on the PokerOK website

Features of the poker room PokerOK

From the first days of its operation, the PokerOK room and the entire GGNetwork network has been focused on amateurs. Comfortable conditions were created on the site, the performance of the interface was carefully verified, the design of tools and buttons was bright.

This approach immediately began to bring results - the network became popular throughout Asia, gradually reached Europe, and today, without exaggeration, the entire peace. The exception is American poker players, who are prohibited by local law from being in the same pool as users from the Old World.

Game contingent

Today PokerOK is the world leader in online poker without exaggeration. The room overtook the main competitor PokerStars at the beginning of 2022, although at the end of 2021 it already made attempts to compete on an equal footing.

The popularity of the site contributes to the fact that users from all over the world register here. It is difficult to single out a separate country, whose representatives in the room are more than others. It is really possible to meet people from the CIS, European and Asian countries at the tables. There are traditionally a lot of Brazilian poker players on the Internet with their uncompromising and aggressive tactics for almost every hand.

Strength of the field

It is impossible to say unequivocally that PokerOK is one of the weakest or strongest rooms. A large number of users smear the overall level of the field. There are a lot of frank fish, regulars, and strong amateurs at the tables. Who will fall into the role of a neighbor at a particular point in time is unknown, but the probability that the player will be a weak or novice user is quite high.

Rake and rakeback

Commission for playing for money at PokerOK is standard and depends on the discipline. In spins, it is 7%, and in cash, the PVI-rake system operates. It implies that the commission is paid not by the winner of the draw, but by the loser.

The exact amount of rake is unknown here, because it is calculated using a special formula. Each player has a unique coefficient that affects his size. The formula for its calculation is not disclosed by the organizers.

After registration, all players automatically become members of the Fish Buffet room loyalty program. According to it, poker players receive from 15 to 60% of rakeback. The exact amount is affected not only by the amount of rake paid, but also by luck. In the classic scheme, when a new rank is reached, the wheel of Fortune rotates, determining the prize for a particular person, as in Spin and Go tournaments before they start. At the first Plankton level, the spread is relatively small: from $0.75 to $2. But the higher the user climbs the hierarchical ladder, the greater the difference between the potential payout becomes. At the Whale level, it is over $1,000 (from $120 to $1,200).

Professionals are outraged by this kind of loyalty program. for them, rakeback is a source of income. They want to understand in advance how much money they can get at the end of the month with a standard load. An alternative payout system with fixed rakeback numbers has been developed specially for them:

  • Platinum Fish — 20% weekly.
  • Platinum Octopus — 35% weekly.
  • Platinum Whale - 50% weekly.
  • Platinum Shark - 55% weekly.
  • GGPlatinum - 60% weekly.
Программа лояльности
Program status table loyalty PokerOK


Pokerdom or PokerStars (other popular rooms) have a more relaxed minimalist design. And the design of the lobby and the table at PokerOK is fundamentally different. There are many bright and luminous elements here, it is possible to throw various objects at the opponent, including an egg, which then spreads across the screen.

It is noticeable that the target audience of the client is Asian players. But Europeans and Americans are used to such design. It does not cause rejection, and after an offensive loss, the hand itself reaches to send one of the throwers towards the opponent.


The PokerOK client surprises with its capabilities and additional options from the first minute of acquaintance. It implements not only the standard chips such as displaying the stack in the big blinds or the ability to adjust the percentage slider for postflop and blinds for preflop. There are also unique options that competitors have no analogues.

1Ask FedorAn interesting option that offers independent analysis of the draw from neural networks. A well-known professional from Germany, Fedor Holz, acts as the face of the function.
A hand is parsed in a few clicks. You need to open the local PokerCraft service, select the draw you are interested in and click on the Ask Fedor button. Artificial intelligence will analyze the actions of the hero and rivals and tell you what mistakes were made (if they were present). The service has three subscriptions: from $30 to $200 per month.
2ThrowersThe option in the room is called Splash. Unlike other clients, where each item to throw at an opponent has to be earned, here they are available immediately.
The corresponding menu appears after losing a large pot. It remains to choose what to throw, press the button and sweeten the pill a little from an unfortunate failure.
3NFT avatarsOn the Internet, there is a fashion not only for calculations in cryptocurrency, but also on NFT avatars. These are pictures sold and bought for real money. The proof of purchase is stored on the blockchain, so it can be argued that this is some kind of crypto offshoot.
With the help of NFT-avatar technology, PokerOK players have the opportunity to create a unique picture. It will become noticeable at the table, attracting the attention of opponents.
4EV CashoutBeginners constantly complain that their strong starting hands are run over by various "garbage" like pocket deuces or offsuit 72. PokerOK offers an interesting opportunity in cash games for poker players who go all-in higher - to take a cash out by EV.
With this option, negative emotions from moving will become much less. The computer calculates the value of the hand at a certain point in the hand and offers to withdraw it. And then the user decides whether to compete with fate in gambling or not.
5Bets on the final tablePlay in the flagship tournament of the Super poker room MILLION$ with a buy-in of $10,300 is not for everyone. But you can make watching the final table with open cards more exciting if you bet on the victory of one of the players. The procedure resembles the action in a classic bookmaker's office, so it is nothing new for experienced poker players.
6Flop bettingIf it becomes boring to play at cash tables , you can amuse yourself by trying to guess what structure the next flop will have. Below the player's cards there is a list of offers from the room with potential payouts.
7SnapCamIf throwers, emoticons and chat are not enough, the table neighbor is allowed to send a small video (up to 15 seconds) taken with a smartphone camera.
8Backing ExchangePokerOK game clients have the ability to sell stakes for their own tournaments or buy them from other players, including professionals and streamers. An alternative to stakes, when the shareholder receives a percentage of the winnings corresponding to their investment.
9Smart HUDThe use of auxiliary programs is prohibited in the room. According to the developers, this should take away a significant advantage from professionals over amateurs, smoothing out the difference in skill. At the same time, all clients have PokerOK's own development - Smart HUD. The option offers basic statistics on opponents. It is available to all users of the room.
10Smart BettingArtificial intelligence monitors every user's action, tracking bet sizes for typical situations. Gradually, the computer adapts to the tactics of a particular poker player, offering the necessary sizing for him.
11PokerCraftThe poker room offers all players the opportunity to work out all the played hands. A database with the history of draws and a record of results is maintained on our own servers. You can access it directly from the game client by clicking on the corresponding icon at the bottom of the window.
12Card SqueezeWith this option, players will feel not at the table in online poker, but in a full-fledged gambling establishment. Cards are lifted by the corners, as in offline, when it is important not to show value to opponents.

Pokerok Bonuses

Each poker room has not only a loyalty program, but also a number of bonuses offered for new and existing poker players. Participation in most events is voluntary. It is advisable not to bypass them, because. gifts from the poker room increase the overall profit and the efficiency of the time spent at the tables.

Not so long ago, PokerOK even had a no deposit bonus in the list of promotions, but the site management decided to abandon it, offering users interesting and interactive offers.

First Deposit Bonuses

There is a welcome offer for new users - doubling the first deposit from $5 to $600. Money is not credited to the account immediately, the deposit must be won back.

Bonuses are credited to the account gradually. For every $5 paid in PVI rake, $1 is added to the account. Small transactions are convenient because the player constantly sees the results of their work.

The offer is valid for a limited time. All money must be wagered within 90 calendar days. The remaining amount will “burn out” and you will not be able to receive it on your account.

Promo codes

When creating an account in the room, you can see a special field where you enter a promotional code. It is recommended to specify "POKERRU" here. The code is indicated without quotes in capital Latin letters. It gives everyone the opportunity to play in a weekly freeroll (tournament where users pay nothing for participation) with a prize pool of $200. This is a good additional opportunity to train and replenish your bankroll.

Exclusive Promotions

There is another profitable promotion for new players in the room. Participation in it can be combined with wagering the first deposit, which makes starting a career at PokerOK profitable. The action is called "Honeymoon".

Daily for 30 days a task appears in the client of the room. If you complete all thirty missions, your account will receive a total of $350 in the form of cash, tickets to multi-table tournaments and spins.

Most of the tasks encourage users to play PokerOK online for real money. Missions are simple - play 100 hands, win with a certain combination, etc. But two of them are almost impossible to complete - hit the jackpot in the All-in or Fold format and win a multi-table tournament on request, where more than a thousand people participate. Therefore, the real increase in the bankroll is about $150-$200, which is also nice for a beginner poker player.

Призовые в акции
Distribution of prize money in the Honeymoon promotion

There are additional promotions in the room that are updated monthly - leaderboards. The prize fund in them, as well as the conditions for participation are constantly changing, so it is better to go to the official website of the room and clarify the information there.

Available PokerOK games

The PokerOK guide has focused exclusively on the popular types of poker. There are no original formats here - only names. And this is an advantage, because. game at the tables is 24/7, you don’t have to wait long for opponents, which will appeal to beginners who have a minimum margin of patience.

Cash games

Play online at Pokerok for free in Russian is allowed into several popular varieties of cash games at once:

  • All-In Or Fold. An incredibly fast discipline where a person has a choice strictly between two actions: pass or all-in. The game is available for two poker variants: Hold'em and Omaha. In the first, the decision is made on the preflop, in the second - when the random number generator put three common flop cards on the table.
  • Rush&Cash. A variation of fast poker. There is no need to wait here if the dealer dealt bad cards. After discarding the hand, the system immediately transfers the poker player to another table, where a new distribution starts in 1-2 seconds. There is always action in Rush&Cash, and two open tables are enough for entertainment.
  • Reg tables. There are also classic cash tables with a measured and relatively calm game. Two disciplines are also available: Hold'em and Omaha. Limits from NL2 to space limits, when the small and big blinds cost several thousand dollars.
Лобби в разделе Rush&Cash
Lobby for the computer in the fast poker section

Tournaments and championships

The schedule of tournaments in the PokerOK room is impressive. There are events for different bankrolls here: from freerolls to expensive high-roller MTTs, where you will have to pay more than ten thousand dollars for participation.

Promotions and series are constantly held in the poker room, gathering a huge number of participants at the tables: mini MILLION $, WSOP Online, Bounty Hunters Series, etc. During such festivals, even cash players often register in tournaments, because. the overall level of opponents drops significantly.

Турнирное лобби
Current tournaments in PokerOK


The favorite pastime for beginners is playing freerolls. This is the name of free tournaments, participation in which does not cost a penny for players. We'll have to upset all fans of the format - there are practically no freerolls in the room.

A small tournament is periodically held for subscribers of the official PokerOK telegram channel, there are incentive events #ThanksGG FlipOut (tickets are given out when moving to the cash tables). Expecting to build a bankroll this way is not the best idea.

Расписание фрироллов
A small selection of free tournaments

Battle Royal

A unique poker format available at PokerOK — Royal battle (Battle Royal). It is a mix of different disciplines:

  1. The tournament starts when 30 players have registered. In this it is very similar to a multi-table sit and go. The game in this format lasts 15 minutes or up to 15 survivors. It makes sense to fight for knockouts, because. everything happens in PKO mode.
  2. When there are 15 people left, the shoot-out stage starts. Players are divided into 5 tables with 3 participants each. Only the winner of the mini-tournament advances to the final stage. If the champion cannot be determined within a few minutes, the automatic all-in mode is triggered.
  3. The final table is played in 5-max mode, where all participants ensured their entry into the prize zone. The reward for the "head" is determined according to the classic PKO tournament rules.
Лобби Королевской битвы
Battle Royal tournaments

Live dealer games

You can go directly from the poker room client to the casino section, where an incredible amount of gambling entertainment is available, including games with a live dealer. For different regions, the list of available leisure options may differ.

Live Casino
Live dealer casino


At the end of the list of PokerOK client tabs, there is one that not everyone pays to attention, but in vain. Here are the qualifying tournaments for live festivals taking place around the world. There is no Russia as an organizer yet, but perhaps the situation will change in the near future.

Participation in the PokerOK Live series is an opportunity not only to personally communicate with world-famous poker stars, but also to realize your own dream by winning one from major tournaments. A victory will not only bring a solid increase to the bankroll, but also add an elegant cup or a commemorative medal to the collection.

Отбор на WSOP Europ
The section of GGLive where the WSOP Europe qualifiers are going on

Gaming platforms

Even at the time of entering the market, GGNetwork thought about user convenience by creating Russian versions of clients for popular devices. Today you can install PokerOK on any smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems, as well as for Windows computers and Apple technology on iMac.

Mobile application for Android and iPhone

B There are no customers in the Google Play and AppStore app stores. You can't download them directly from the official site either. To do this, go to the appropriate page, where the email address of the support service is indicated. From your e-mail, which was used for registration, a letter is sent. The answer comes quickly. It will contain a working link to download the application. It is updated automatically afterwards, notifying the owner of the smartphone or tablet about the upcoming operation.

Download client on PC

The procedure is similar to downloading a mobile application, with the exception that you will not be able to download the Pokerok client on PC from the official website. Detailed information about the system requirements of devices can also be found on the download page.

Системные требования
Minimum system requirements for different devices

Mobile version

Play through the web version of the site in online poker is not possible. But the resource is adapted for mobile devices with different screen sizes, so it is easy and pleasant to use it.

How to start playing at Pokerok for money

The main currency used in the PokerOK room is the US dollar. There are some tournaments where buy-ins are paid in Japanese yen or euros, but these are exceptions to the rule. Russian rubles are used to replenish the account, converted at the internal exchange rate into US dollars.

Registration and verification

At the first stage of creating an account, PokerOK offers one of the easiest forms to fill out. It consists of several fields:

  • Country of residence. The place where the user legally resides is selected. It is not recommended to deceive the security service or use VPN services, because. the identity will have to be confirmed at the verification stage.
  • E-mail address. We recommend that you make sure that the user has control over the email. Mail is used for password recovery, as well as for communication with the support team in both directions.
  • Password. It is better to avoid creating basic passwords: masha123 or gena456. There are many services that can generate a random combination of Latin letters of different case, numbers and special characters.

A registration confirmation letter will be sent to the specified mail, then personal data is filled in, and two documents are sent to the security service for verification:

  1. Identity card. This is usually a passport or driver's license. We recommend taking a high-quality photo where the spread will be visible in full, without cut corners. Better yet, scan it in high resolution.
  2. Proof of residence. The easiest way is to provide a copy of your utility bill. It is important that the user's name and address be indicated on it. Information is desirable in English. As an alternative, the security service will accept any official document with seals and signatures, the date of issue of which does not exceed 3 months from the current date.

New Player Bonuses

All new users can claim several welcome bonuses immediately after creating an account:

  • Double the first deposit (up to $600)
  • Медовый месяц (до $350)
  • Leaderboards and daily promotions that win millions per month

Deposit and withdraw money

Deposit or withdraw money can be made through any of the poker room clients. To do this, go to the "Cashier" section. For different regions, the methods of replenishment and cashout are different.

Available payment systems

The following payment instruments are provided for Russia:

  • Bank cards of VISA, MasterCard, MIR payment systems. Only ruble cards are accepted for payment.
  • Skrill and Neteller. Works for deposits and cashouts.
  • Cryptocurrency. PokerOK accepts all popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, USDC, USDT.
  • MuchBetter. Works on transactions in both directions.
  • Luxon Pay. 1138 Также подходит для транзакций в обе стороны.

Transfers between users are also available in the room.

Minimum deposit

n/n 1149МетодDeposit limitCashout limits
1Bank cards$10-$7006,000-30,000 rubles
2Skrill$10-$50,000$10-$50 000
3Neteller$10-$5000$10-$500 0
6USDT $100-$50,000$100-$20,000
7MuchBetter$10-$50,000$50 -$50,000
8Luxon Pay$10-$100,000$10-$100,000
9Transfersup to $300 per dayup to $300 per day

Limits and commissions

n/ pMethodDeposit feeCashout fee
1Bank cards0%3%
2Skrill0%3% 1250
4Bitcoin 12590%1%
8Luxon Pay0%3%
9Translation dy0%0%

Poker Room Support Service

PokerOK advantage is a Russian-language technical support service. Inquiries can be made via email address. Support responds promptly, and all applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a site is everyone's business. Today PokerOK is the leader in terms of the number of users on the network, you definitely won't have to wait long for the game.

No, auxiliary software is prohibited here. But all applications have their own development of Smart HUD, which displays basic statistics on opponents.

The exact figure depends on the status and the selected reward system. Average numbers: from 15 to 60%.

New users can combine two promotions at once: doubling the first deposit and "Honeymoon". The first offer implies up to $600, and the second one can get up to $350 to the bankroll.

For all popular operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS .

All applications are downloaded exclusively from the official site. They are not available in Google Play or AppStore.

  • big online
  • Lots of games at all stakes
  • custom Smart HUD
  • permanent leaderboards and series
  • Clients for all devices
  • No assistive software
  • Lots of strong opponents
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150 bucks will always be in the output. Half of the tasks in poker are easy - like win the pot with a pair of aces. You will have to play for a whole month, because one task is designed for one day, and there are 30 tasks in total.

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December 19, 2022

Who knows what you can actually win at Honeymoon at Poker? $300 is real. And how much do you need to play to get that much?

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Forget these blackjacks and Russian. There are 25 video pokers on Pokerke right now. All of them are Playkek. If you didn’t know, then without thinking too much, it’s really possible to play video poker with a return of 99%.

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Free Bet is not their best return game. I play better blackjack with sarendy. They also have full-fledged Russian poker with the exchange of any number of cards or the purchase of a sixth one. True, the game is only for 1 box.

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There are a lot of cards in the poker casino: blackjacks, poker, baccarat. There is a cool blackjack with free double and split. "Free Bet Blackjack" is called.

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11 December 2022

Poker cards go through. Deposits in rubles. True game in dollars. I had an overdraft. I was afraid that they were gaining 10-12% on conversion, but the output was exactly at the same rate.

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December 09, 2022

Казино Покерок запускается прямо из покерного лобби. Отдельно депозит делать не надо. Помграл в покер, потом сыграл на автоматах.\

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The slots lobby is organized very conveniently. There are ten tabs: megaways, jackpots, buying bonks, etc. Their main provider is Playtech. This provider won't cheat as it has a UK license.

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80 jackpot slots at Poker! And this is at the poker room. This is more than most conventional casinos. The main thing is that all jackpots have three or four levels, because it is impossible to win a single main prize.

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