The head of CRAIL spoke about the positive aspects of the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine

Chairman of the Commission on Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries of Ukraine (CRAIL) Ivan Rudy in his interview spoke about the current prices for Ukrainian gambling licenses. The functionary also raised the question of the benefits of gambling for society.

He once again confirmed that the cost of permission to organize a land-based casino in the city of Kyiv is 360,000,000 hryvnias. The license is issued for a period of five years. For other cities, this figure is UAH 180,000,000. To open a slot machine hall, you need to pay a license fee of UAH 45,000,000 (the price of a license to launch one unit of a slot machine is UAH 180,000). At the same time, a single permit for a table of board games costs UAH 2,700,000, and for a table with a roulette wheel - UAH 5,250,000.

As for online casinos, the situation is as follows: in order to organize and launch a gambling site on the Internet, an operator interested in this business segment must send UAH 39,000,000 to the treasury for the relevant document.

More Rudy touched upon a topic that is relevant for Ukraine about how the legalization of the gambling business will affect the public life of the state. The Chairman of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries assured the earlier information about the use of funds received from the sale of licenses to gambling operators for social needs and the development of important areas of the country's economy. So, 50% of the proceeds will go to the local budgets of those regions in which a particular institution has opened. He noted that the government plans to use this money to implement new social infrastructure (kindergartens, schools, parks and sports grounds). The other half of this amount will go to a special fund, from which the funds will be distributed to three main sectors - science, medicine and sports.

Recall that the budget of Ukrainereceived 32,4 млн гривен от двух операторов игорного бизнеса.

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