1000 Dice Rules

1000 в кости с кубиками

The Thousand is a fun game where the player will face many obstacles on the way to victory. The rules of 1000 craps can be changed by adding new ones, modifying old ones and inventing interesting conditions for scoring. "Cubes" will suit a large company - adults and children who have just learned to count.

The essence and basic concepts

The game is played up to 1000 points - the winner is determined by reaching this bar. The number of participants is not limited. At the same time, if more than 8 people have gathered, it is better to divide the party into two separate ones. Otherwise, the rounds will be too long, and the competitors will be bored.

Heavybones with rounded corners is the perfect choice for this game. It is worth holding them in your hand, throwing them and watching how they add up in combinations. Dice that are too light scatter around the table and fall to the floor, making it difficult to determine the number of points that have fallen.

The order of moves is determined by drawing lots. Participants roll one die, compare the results and give the first place to the one who got the highest value on the sides.

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Basic rules of 1000 dice game

The move starts with rolling 5 dice. The resulting combination is analyzed, looking for combinations that bring points. Separately, only one and five are counted (10 and 5 points, respectively). The rest have value in the composition of combinations.

1000 на костях
Interface of the online game of Thousand

Thus, 3 dice of the same value give the sum of points at face value ten times. For example, three sixes will bring the participant 60 points. It should be remembered that the unit is considered as 10 points, i.e. in combination it gives 100.

Opening the game

Some rules of entertainment include the requirement to score a minimum number of points on the roll to be recorded in the overall standings. You can "open" the game with the amount of 50-100 points. Until the participant has scored them, when passing the move, the dropped points “burn out”. If the minimum "opening" requirements are met, the restriction will no longer apply.

The rules of the 1000 dice game often include another caveat regarding this step. If the competitor fails to reach the minimum limit in three attempts, then he is given a fine called a "bolt" - 100 points. He continues the game with a "minus" balance. If later he manages to score 50 or more points, then he will be able to "open" his account and start to recoup.


This is another interesting rule. When overtaking the opponent - gaining more points per turn than he has - the competitor is entitled to a bonus of 50 points. They are written off from an opponent who allowed himself to get around. When overtaking several competitors, you can collect 50 points from each.

Resetting on a Dump Truck

You can lose all the points you have collected earlier by throwing away a total of 555 points. The situation is called "dump truck". The player's score will be reset, but he will not need to "open" the game again.

1000 is an interesting card game for 2- 4 people. It looks like a preference - you need to announce applications and score points. Differences: more horses are provided, there are alternative seniority of cards and margins. Before you sit down at the table, you should read the rules of the Thousand game, find out about the existing penalties, restrictions and available ...Read more


Spice up the process of the game, to add adrenaline to him help the special situations in which the participants find themselves. Pits are one of the most common problems that arise on the way to victory. Players enter them for the first time, scoring 200 or more, but less than 300 points. The second time the pit threatens the competitors in the interval from 600 to 700 points.

Once in this position, you need to "get out of the pit" in one move. For example, if a player has 265 points, then they will have to score at least 35 to get to the very top of it.

It's a bad tactic to hide at the bottom of the pit, waiting for a combination that brings a large number of points. It is easier to overcome the problem "in two jumps". The first is advised to conquer the middle of the pit, and the second - to get out of it.

The concept of bolts

Penalties in thegame are charged for: 903

  • Нулевой расклад, при котором после броска не выпало комбинаций.
  • Unable to get out of the pit, open the game (earn the required minimum points).

One bolt by itself not terrible. But if the participant received 3 or more, he will be charged a penalty (for example, minus 50 or 100 points). As a rule, sanctions are rarely imposed on those who sit on the barrel or are in the second pit. If you constantly throw participants to the bottom of the table, then the game may drag on.

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What are barrels and their types

Victory in the game is most often awarded to the competitor who successfully overcome a dangerous situation at the final stage of the draw. It's called a barrel. Having fallen from it, you can no longer get up, remaining last in the tournament standings.

Open barrels

This variant of the game situation allows the participant to apply tactics that, combined with a successful scenario, will help to celebrate the victory in the round. An open barrel is also called an "implicit" barrel. There is only one way to jump off it: the participant needs to score 1000 points, but not more.

Exceeding this bar, the player will receive a "point". He will be counted one attempt to jump from the barrel to the winners. Having exhausted the limit of "points", the competitor will receive a penalty. The sum of his points will be reset.

To avoid a "dot", it is not uncommon for participants to roll the dice before the bolt is declared. Many rules of the game of Thousand Dice forbid this action. A "point" is announced immediately after exceeding the limit - 1000 points.

By points

This variant of the game situation takes place in two stages. The first begins when the competitor hits the barrel with 880 points. To get off it, you need to earn at least 120 points in one move. The situation is similar to a big hole.

3 attempts are given to overcome the barrel. If the competitor fails to get off it, he will receive a penalty of 100 points. After that, the player can try again, gaining 880 points again. The rules do not limit the number of chances to overcome the barrel. The player actually restarts the game if they fail to do so three times in a row.

The outcome of being in this situation depends on luck. It is impossible to predict which dice will be rolled. Therefore, hitting the scoring barrel often significantly changes the alignment in the standings.

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No kegs

You can play without additional situations that interfere with the triumph. If the barrel is not provided for by the rules, then the participant receives a victory by scoring 1000 or more points.

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The value of faces and combinations

The calculation of the benefits of prize combinations is underway according to the table.

DenominationNumber of bonesValue
Units3-4-5 1064100-200-1000

If the dice are rolled in a row (combination 1-2-3...etc) the participant will receive 125 points. For a combination of 2 to 5, the competitor will be awarded 250 points.

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Calculation of results

The process of the game continues until one of the party members scores a thousand points. Counting is done after each throw. The leaderboard is filled when the turn is passed.

Dice Rolling Tips

Winning and losing the Thousand is almost entirely a matter of luck. Dice rolls are a random that cannot be controlled. Tips from experienced players will help minimize losses:

  • You can't be greedy. You need to be able to stop in time without going too far.
  • Pass on two dice. It's better to write down your points and pass move without waiting for bankruptcy. You need to re-roll with at least 3 free dice.
  • A smart approach to a thousand. Being close to the winning goal, you need to stop at 970-985 points. Otherwise, there is a high probability of busting.

The main rule of the Thousand is “go slower, you will be farther”. There is no need to take risks. When predicting a move, it's better to assume a more likely outcome than rely on luck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to get close to her zone (for example, stay at a distance of 5-10 points), then make a jump - score as many points as possible in a move or two.

Если установлен лимит на вступление в партию, например 50 пунктов, следует набрать их и больше не перебрасывать. Жадность во время первого хода нередко приводит к болтам, минусам на счету.

Three. The first starts at 300 points, the second - 600. The third is set at 880-900 points.

Yes, you can. The enemy will fall off it automatically if another player is in the barrel zone.

Yes, in some versions of the game. The participant is declared the winner if he gets 5 units in a row. You can also win by collecting five fives.

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