Gin Rummy Card Game

This discipline is designed for 2 participants. Compared to other gambling entertainments, it is young, but at the same time popular. Gin Rummy can be played by the rules at most online casinos today.

Historical background

It is not known who and when invented this discipline. There are several theories of its origin, but they have not been confirmed. According to one of them, the game was created by Elwood and Graham Baker in 1909 as a faster version of the classic rummy. A few years later, she was popular in the United States. Today, it is one of the top ten gambling games with the largest audience.

Over time, in addition to the classic rules, many other variations of gin have emerged. They change the order of distribution and the principles of scoring, but the essence is the same.

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Objectives of the game

The task of the opponents is to collect hands consisting entirely of sets and runs, that is, combinations of equal value and sequences of the same suit. They give different points. Whoever reaches the agreed mark first wins. Usually the game is played up to 100 points.

Gin Rummy в онлайн-казино
Online distribution

Compared to the classic rummy, there is a second task - to leave a minimum of cards that do not form combinations. They are called deadwood.

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All Gin Rummy rules

The hand uses a standard deck. Each card has its own face value and gives a certain number of points:

OthersBy its number

In wounds, the Ace is considered the lowest card. It can come in front of a deuce and a triple, but it does not cover the queen and king.

To get started, you need a deck, score paper, and an opponent. Two people participate in the distribution. If there are three applicants, one becomes the dealer. If there are four, the game is played in separate pairs.

Opponents are dealt 10 cards each. The rest of the deck is placed between them as a sink, and the top is opened and placed next to it, forming a discard pile. Next, the opponents perform sequential actions:

  • The opponent, who received the right of the first move, takes a card (draw) from any pile and adds it to his hand.
  • In exchange, he puts another in the discard pile. 933 Если дро взято из стока, его можно скинуть. Оппоненты делают это по очереди, пока не будут готовы открыть руку.
  • At the last stage, combinations are formed. The card is discarded face down, the rest are revealed. The player demonstrates the available sets and wounds. The part of the hand that is not involved in the combinations must give a total of no more than 10 points.

If the entire hand is used to make combinations at showdown, the person may declare gin. After that, the calculation is carried out. The opponent receives a penalty in the amount of deadwood he has accumulated. The owner of the genie earns 25 points and the sum of the opponent's points.

The player who used the most part of the hand in a combination can declare a knock and receive a reward for the collected combinations. Deadwood must not exceed 10.

There is a third situation - an undercard. With it, in case of a knock, opponents can add their own cards to the combinations. If someone ends up with a lower deadwood score than the knocker, he wins. His opponent is penalized 25 points.

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All combinations

There are several types of combinations:

  • Set. Same rank. 3 or 4 cards of the same rank.
  • Wounded Sequences. A combination of the same suit, ascending.
Сеты и раны в Джин Рамми
Examples of a set and a wound

When discarding, you need to take into account the strength of the hand and the likelihood of collecting various combinations. You should get rid of a card that potentially cannot be used at a showdown.

became a discipline called perudo. It attracts people with its simplicity and ease of use. To understand the main principles and learn the basics, it is enough to participate in 1 game. How the game is played according to the rules of Perudo will be told ...Read more
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Description of the course of the game

For more than 100 years the existence of this discipline, other types of rules arose. They differ from the classic ones in details.

Oklahoma City

The main feature is the limit on the number of points, before which you can complete the distribution. Everything determines the first reset. If it is a spade, the score is doubled, if it is an ace, then knocking is prohibited.

Five hundred

The classic Gin Rummy card game rules are used with some modifications. The first calculation has no restrictions on the number of points scored. The game is played up to 500 points, and opponents receive 13 cards instead of 10.


Up to 12 people can participate in the distribution. To do this, several decks are used with jokers that complement any combination. Players receive 15 cards each.

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Before the start and end of each deal, one of the opponents knocks on the table. For this move, the initiator must open his hand and lay out combinations.

Deadwood's score must not exceed 10 points.

His opponent makes his combinations. Cards not included in them can be added to the first player's combination to reduce the deadwood. Then the results are summed up.

Determining the results

When a genie is declared, the player who collected it receives a bonus 25 points. He also gets points for his opponent's deadwood. It is possible that the score of the person who knocked out the cards not included in the combination will be less than that of the opponent. Then he is entitled to the difference in the deadwood amounts. Otherwise, the second player gets it and another 25 points.

Penalty points

There are two situations in which they are applied to the participant in the distribution:

  • When harvesting gin . The opponent of the player who announced him loses the number of points corresponding to deadwood.
  • Undercat. If the person who made the knock has a higher score of cards not included in the combination than his the opponent is penalized by 25 points.

These points are deducted from the results for the entire hand.

Pot split

Gin Rummy rules imply that the player receives 75% of the prize money, victorious. The rest of the funds are taken by the rest of the party. Their share is determined by the number of penalty points.

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Popular game strategies

Gin Rummy has no specific systems based on mathematical principles. The results of the hands completely depend on the skill of the person. Beginners need to learn a few things to get started:

  • The ability to remember a reset is of great importance. This information can be used to benefit in the future.
  • We must simultaneously strive to collect a strong hand and not let your opponent do it.
  • It is more profitable to draw cards from the general deck. You can get into the discard pile only if you are sure that such a decision will immediately bring the desired result.

Math strategies don't work because the game is almost random.

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Recommendations for players

There are a few more tips that will help you win more hands:

  • In deadwood, it is better to keep the smallest cards if they are not suitable for collecting combinations.
  • Before the knock, you should reduce the part of the hand that does not add up in a combination. 1048
  • При наличии картинок их есть смысл оставить, если первым сброс делает оппонент.

Before you bet money, you need to practice the game of interest. It is impossible to take the bank in this case, but there is also no risk. 5-10 hands are enough to master the rules.

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The most famous players

The most successful Gin Rummy of all time is Stu Unger. He was remembered for his ability to read opponents' hands and the outcome of hands. After success in this discipline, he switched to poker.

Лучший игрок в Gin Rummy
Stu Unger

Oswald Jacoby and Ernie Kovacs are considered big bettors. The first became the world champion in gin, bridge and backgammon. The second one published a book of useful tips in 1962.

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Why did the game become so popular?

Благодаря простым правилам и тактической составляющей.

Will the strategies help win?

To some extent they will. But there is no system that gives a 100% result.

Is it possible to play Gin Rummy for money?

Casinos provide such an opportunity. Here it is allowed to choose a table with different levels of bets.

Which casino can I get a bonus upon registration?

On the pages of this site there are lists of verified sites that give money for creating an account.

Where can I get a profitable bonus code?

Online casinos, forums and gaming sites.

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