Baccarat rules

Baccarat is considered one one of the simplest card games in the world, which only contributes to the growth of its popularity. Unlike poker and blackjack, in which the player needs to make well-considered decisions to increase the chance of winning, baccarat does not require special skills. In this game, luck is more dependent on chance, and winning strategies are related to bankroll management. However, in order to enjoy the gameplay, the user should understand in detail how to play baccarat correctly.

History 718

Первые упоминания об игре относятся к XV веку, а ее появление связывают с именем итальянца Феликса Фальгуере. Признание среди представителей европейской знати баккара получила благодаря распространению во Франции. Окончательно основные правила оформились в XIX веке. Современная версия под названием пунто-банко появилась в наземных казино в 1940-е годы.

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Game Rules

Participants play against the house represented by the dealer or the banker. In an online casino in the "Table games" category, a software algorithm acts as a croupier - the value of the cards is determined by a random number generator. In the increasingly popular live casino format, distribution is carried out by real dealers - users see their actions in real time.

A table with special markings and one or more card decks of 52 sheets is used.


To participate in the distribution, you need to decide on the size of the bet and put chips on one of the available outcomes. There are only three of them in the classic version:

  • Player win.
  • Dealer win (Banker).
  • Tie.
Панель управления
Перед раздачей пользователю предлагается сделать ставку

In some modifications, additional types of bets (side, side or special) are provided, which are made after choosing the main outcome:

  • Pair with the banker or the player — two cards of the same value in the hand.
  • An ideal pair is two cards that match not only in value, but also in suit.
  • A big hand that scores 5 or 6 points.
  • Small hand scoring 4 points.
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Dealing cards and natural combinations

Betting , the dealer distributes two cards to himself and the player, after which the points are calculated separately for the croupier and the table participant. If the total score is equal to or greater than 10, ten points are subtracted from the result. The task of the participant is to score the number of points as close as possible to nine.

Value of the cardNumber of points
Numbers from two to nineat face value
Ten, any pictures0

Example: Игрок получил двойку и девятку. Сумма определяется по номиналу и составляет 2+9=11. Так как 11 больше 10, из результата вычитается 10 очков. Окончательная стоимость комбинации игрока равняется 1 баллу.

The combination of eight and nine is called natural. If the player gets a natural combination, the hand ends and the hands are compared.

Third card draw

If the player scores up to 5 points inclusive, he receives the third card. The croupier draws when one of the conditions specified in the table is met.

Player's points or cardsDealer pointsThe draw
None buy-in6 and moreno
No eight3yes
Любое количество0-2Yes
Any number7No
No Four, Five, Six, Seven5Yes
No Ten, Picture, Ace, Eight or Nine4yes

According to the rules of playing baccarat in a casino, you cannot refuse a buy-in if the conditions are met. In a home game, the buy-in can be voluntary.

Determination of the winner and payouts

After the buy-in, the outcome is determined. The winner is the one who has collected more points, and if the number is equal, a draw is declared. If the user wins the bet, the bet is paid.

If the player did not guess the result of the game, the bet chips go to the casino's income.

Завершение раздачи
Determination of the winner

Payouts for the main outcomes are calculated taking into account the odds and the player's bet:

  • Participant's win - x1.
  • Dealer's win - x1 minus 5% commission.
  • Draw - x9 (at some tables x8 ).

Side bet multipliers:

  • Banker's pair, player's pair - x11.
  • Perfect pair - x25.
  • Big hand — x0.54.
  • Small hand — x1.5.
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Houses can change classic baccarat rules — introduce additional side bets, increase or decrease payments. Among the varieties in online casinos, there are often modifications that differ from the classic version:

  • Mini baccarat (mini punto) — there are no additional bets, one deck of 52 sheets is used. 1014
  • Super 6 или Punto 2000 - the bet on the dealer is paid without deducting a commission of 5%, but if the dealer has 6 points, the payout is 0.5 to 1.
  • Dragon 7 - betting on the banker, you can get x50 payout if the dealer has 7 points on three cards.
  • Panda 8 - x25 multiplier works, if the banker scores 8 points on three cards, and the user guesses the outcome.
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Baccarat strategy

There is no win-win strategy because under default conditions the advantage of the casino over the player is laid down. However, using various methods, you can minimize the advantage of the institution, and if you are lucky, you can stay in the black. The main condition is never to bet on a draw, which is due to the low probability of such an outcome.

Table of winning probabilities of various bets

OutcomeProbability of winningПреимущество казино
Player44 .6%1.24%
Пара дилера7.46%10.36%
Pair of participant7.46%10,36%
Perfect Pair3.34%13.03%
Big Hand61.10%4.35%
Small hand37.89%5.27% 1099

Чем ниже преимущество заведения, тем выше шансы участника выиграть. Таким образом, ставить на банкира выгоднее всего, но необходимо учитывать комиссию 5%, взимаемую с выплаты в случае победы.

To increase the likelihood of making a profit, progressive increase systems are used:

  • Doubling after loss - losing, the participant bets twice as much. Winning after doubling, the user compensates for previous losses. The disadvantage of the strategy is that in most cases in the casino the maximum bet is only 100 times the minimum, i.e. it is not possible to double the minimum limit more than 7 times.
  • Doubling after a win - the bet increases after a win. Chips received from the payout are used in the new hand. When losing, the participant returns to the minimum limit again. In case of three or four victories in a row, the user receives a solid jackpot by investing a minimum of money.
  • No raises with a constant choice of one bet. The system is justified in Dragon 7 and Panda 8 varieties, where high odds apply.
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Before playing for real money, you need to remember or write down the steps of raising if the user chooses this strategy.

You can try the effectiveness of any technique in a free demo, since most developers supply baccarat introductory mode. In the case of live tables, the casino client can only join the broadcast and watch the process for a while, but playing for free chips in this format is not available.

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