Bulgarian government plans to close more than 600 casinos

The head of the Budget Committee, Menda Stoyanova, unexpectedly supported a bill to restrict gambling in the country. She commented on this decision to the Flagman publication: “This is a consistent step by Valery Simeonov to limit gambling in order to prevent the spread of gambling among young people. I think we should even use the experience of those countries that have already introduced such restrictions.”

Nevertheless, the chairman of the budget committee confirmed that the bill would lead to “certain losses” in the country's budget. The size of the losses should be clarified by the expert group in the near future.

The new bill provides that land-based casinos can operate:

  • in five-star hotels;
  • in resort complexes;
  • within a radius of no more than 30 kilometers from railway, river, sea and road checkpoints. 688

Все остальные заведения должны закрыться не позднее 31 декабря 2025 года. По оценкам экспертов будет закрыто более 600 игровых заведений, а 30 000 человек потеряют рабочие места.

Bulgaria has quarterly taxes. The organizers pay 255 euros to the treasury for each slot machine and 11,200 euros for the gaming table. Since 2010, gambling establishments have replenished the budget of Bulgaria by more than 50 million euros annually.

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17 июня 2020

Ahaah. It's just that lawyers want this field for themselves, "nobly" hiding behind good intentions. Kek.

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