The law on extrajudicial blocking of online casinos was adopted by the State Duma in the second reading

The Russian authorities have once again tightened their measures to combat illegal gambling. Thus, on June 9, State Duma deputies in the second reading approved and adopted a bill that allows the Federal Tax Service (FTS) to launch the process of out-of-court restriction of the operation of electronic payment sites that cooperate with representatives of the “shadow” gambling sector. The authors of this initiative were Sergey Zhigarev and Alexander Khinshtein.

Жигарев и Хинштейн
Sergey Zhigarev and Alexander Khinshtein

According to the explanatory note, the document is intended to increase the effectiveness of measures to combat illegal activities in the field of gambling entertainment on the Internet. In other words, the adopted norm will allow blocking payment sites that will accept, process and carry out transactions, including cross-border ones, in favor of gambling companies banned in the territory of the Russian Federation, including online casinos and lotteries.

In addition, the bill will define the list of persons who are prohibited from transferring money. From now on, credit institutions will be required to refuse such transactions in favor of citizens and companies on the “stop list”. This rule also applies to postal and mobile communication departments, payment agents.

Note that the amendments to the second reading provided permission to post on the website of the Federal Tax Service a register of foreign persons who carry out monetary transactions to the accounts of illegal gambling operators and organizers of lotteries.

Within the framework of the adopted law, the Federal Tax Service will be able to notify the Bank of Russia of all recorded violations of the established rules for making electronic payments in the field of gambling entertainment. After receiving the corresponding signal, the Bank of Russia will have the right to take measures against such organizations in accordance with the procedure established by law.

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