Hungarian politicians protest against casino operations

In Hungary, a scandal erupts over the operation of land-based casinos during a period of severe restrictions related to the coronavirus. While the catering and entertainment industry struggles to avoid bankruptcy, Hungarian casinos remain open. Many, including prominent politicians, are dissatisfied with the current legislation and want to know why gambling establishments are being treated more loyally.

Thus, in a video posted on Facebook, independent MP Janos Bencik posted a photo in which he and stands outside the Las Vegas Casino in Budapest with a “Closed” sign with his fellow activists. With this gesture, he wanted to dissuade potential guests from visiting.

Las Vegas Casino
Las Vegas Casino in Budapest

He considers the operation of gambling establishments during the period of strict quarantine a double standard. A politician wants to know why casinos can remain open while other businesses remain closed until further notice from the government.

It is important to note that during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, when the government closed entertainment and catering facilities, the casino was allowed to receive visitors. The only restriction is to open until 7 pm local time.

Gergely Gulyas, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office, said that casinos are allowed to remain open because in a legal context they do not fall under the category of entertainment, but are considered shops.

At the same time, local activists are dissatisfied not only with the fact that gambling establishments work during this period, but also with the fact that casinos do not properly comply with COVID-19 protocols. According to eyewitnesses, in such entertainment facilities there is no respect for social distancing, and the players sit shoulder to shoulder with each other without protective masks.

Recall that the UK authoritiestightened norms for playing online slots.

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