Checking the work of online casino technical support #4

The editors of the portal continue to check the quality of the technical support services of Russian-language casinos. Under the guise of a potential client, representatives of the editorial office contact service specialists and evaluate the speed and completeness of the answers. This time, experts tested 5 casinos under the Vulcan brand that were not included in the previouscheck.

The editorial staff asked support about the provided bonuses for new players. Questions were asked about the general rules for accruing bonus funds and their wagering, details were clarified that are not in the description of promotions. Requests were sent to e-mail and duplicated in an online chat.

First Response Time:

Casino NameOnline ChatEmail
Neon Volcano1 минутаno answer
Volcano Grande2 minutes1 hour
Volcano Million 706нет ответаno response
Prestige Volcanoinstantly5 minutes
Russian Vulkaninstantly30 minutes

In all casinos except Russian Vulkan, to go to chat with a technical support specialist, you must specify the subject of the question, after which the user is shown automatic replies. Only by selecting the “Another question” item several times, the player is connected to the support operator.

The best result was demonstrated by the technical support of the casinoVolkan Prestige. The email request received a meaningful response within 5 minutes, and the second message was processed even faster. In the online chat, the consultant immediately answered the player's question, immediately providing comprehensive information.

Casino customer serviceRussian Volcano also proved to be good. The answer to the email was received within half an hour, and in the online chat the operator answered instantly and to the point. For some reason, the support specialist was replaced in the middle of the dialogue, but this did not affect the quality of the information provided.

Neon Volcano support responded quickly, providing correct data.

Casino specialistsVolcano Grande did not perform well. When communicating online, the support employee did not answer the questions asked and tried in every possible way to convince the player to make a deposit larger than what is required by the welcome promotion.

Finally, from the casinoMillion Volcano No response received. The email was ignored, and the online help form only contains quick answers to the most popular questions and no way to contact the support operator.

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