The expert named the most priority issue of the gambling business in Ukraine in 2021

Head of the Ukrainian Gambling Association Anton Kuchukhidze, at his first press conference in the new year, named the priority tasks of the government in the issue of launching a gambling business. In particular, according to the expert, the most priority area of ​​work for parliamentarians should be the adoption of amendments to the Tax Code.

Kuchukhidze once again repeated the statement that without clear tax regulations, inverters and potential operators of the Ukrainian gambling market cannot are able to clearly define their development strategy in this jurisdiction and calculate all costs. This circumstance only slows down the launch of this industry, because "the investor begins to wait, not invest."

Further on, the expert noted that the vast majority of Western investors have two main claims against Ukraine - large and progressive problems of corruption and incomparably high taxes. If, according to Kuchukhidze, there are no problems with the first one and no problems are expected in the Ukrainian gambling market, then the issue of taxation remains out of the view of the deputies.

According to the functionary, the Verkhovna Rada should close the fiscal issue in the gambling business at the first session week of the new year. To do this, you need to pass the bill 2713-d. But in this document, Kuchukhidze proposes to prescribe the most effective formula for taxation rates for operators in the field of gambling entertainment for Ukraine. It is based on the abolition of the 18% tax on player winnings, as well as the postponement of industry taxation until January 1, 2024.

The head of the Ukrainian Gambling Association believes that this model will attract leading gambling operators to Ukraine and protect players from unfair competition and increase budget revenues by selling more licenses. Kuchukhidze calls any opposition and delay in the issue of amending the tax legislation “subjective playing along with shadow businesses”, which negatively affects the image of Ukraine.

Recall, the expertsummed up развития игорного бизнеса Украины в 2020 году.

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