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Real casino reviews Sochi

July 01, 2021

I have never visited Casino Sochi, but I really want to play. What is the approximate amount of dene to take with you so that you do not accidentally drain everything? Very adventurous and likes to take risks, but hate to lose.

Overall score
5 / 5
27 февраля 2021

I withdrew a little more than thirty dollars, by the way, the withdrawal of funds made me reap, until the last I didn’t really believe that I would get them, people who are used to such a system don’t care about waiting for a couple of days. I can’t consider it as super-earnings, but the excitement and pleasant pastime are guaranteed for sure, and there it’s everyone’s business.

Overall score
5 / 5
July 01, 2020

To Feels like I was in a movie about Las Vegas everything is so chic and good. Luxurious halls, huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, an endless feeling of celebration. Was in the casino when they were still allowed everywhere, and this is heaven and earth. Now I realized that in my not the shortest life in a real casino I was only once. I recommend just to go and see, I played the roulette like the first one, it feels completely different.

Overall rating
5 / 5
June 29, 2020

It was quite normal to sit with friends and rest, someone got up, someone just merged, and in the end everyone remained with their own people. polite people are not rude. play whatever you want in autos sit spin if you want roulette even poker is available

Overall rating
4 / 5
PRоFeSSoRBeginner 737
15 июня 2020

Don't forget your passport, the first time I came without it, they turned around at the entrance and said you can't do it without a passport, even if it is clear that I'm noticeably over 18, I need to register a player, I had to return for a passport. Played all night, stayed with his own. I understand why many people love offline casinos, but this is clearly not my thing, it was too noisy for me, although thanks for the free food.

Overall rating
3 / 5
Kovarny Beginner
June 03, 2020

I don't quite understand if they have free or paid entry, do I need to take money with me just to get into the casino ?

June 03, 2020

Entrance to Casino Sochi is free, but you may be asked to make a mandatory deposit . Before visiting a gambling establishment, it is recommended to clarify this issue with the administration — the entry rules may vary depending on the program in the establishment.

June 02, 2020 778

Интересно было посидеть за настоящим игровым автоматов, а не в интернете крутить слоты. Был два дня за время своего двухнедельного отпуска, спустил все деньги, но нисколько не расстроен, ощущения совсем другие. После того как был в казино Сочи в онлайн больше играть вообще не хочется.

Overall rating
4 / 5
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