Russians are planning to allow themselves to ban themselves from gambling

According to the Russian Bar Association, a system of self-exclusion may appear in the country in the near future. It will allow citizens to independently prohibit themselves from participating in gambling in land-based casinos and bookmakers.

Vladimir Gruzdev, official representative of the Association of Lawyers of the Russian Federation, commented on the proposed initiative:“The new draft law is based on a special mechanism by which citizens can refuse their participation in gambling entertainment. If the user is included in the corresponding stop list, then he will be prohibited from spending his money on games in all gambling establishments in Russia, including casinos and sports betting shops. There are many ways to get on the self-exclusion list. The first - as a result of a personal appeal of a citizen and a statement drawn up by him. The second is after a court ruling, on the basis of which the responsible authorities enter a person into the register and prohibit him from accessing the gambling business. In the event that the court has recognized the limited legal capacity or complete incapacity of a person, then an application for him can be drawn up and submitted for consideration by guardians or trustees.”

Gruzdev added that relatives also have the right to add a player to this list if the court finds grounds for such actions.

He also noted that the court authorities have the right to make a decision on limiting the legal capacity of a person if his craving for gambling, the use of alcoholic beverages and drugs will be established, which caused a deterioration in the financial situation of a person’s family.

According to statistical information, in 2020, the court ruled to recognize 837 citizens with limited legal capacity. Accordingly, after the adoption of the draft law on the implementation of the system, these people may be banned from participating in gambling.

It is important to note that you can withdraw your application for inclusion in the list of self-excluded persons from participating in gambling only one year after the inclusion of a citizen to the advisory stop list.

Recall that for transferring money to illegal online casinosthey will beginheavy fines.

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