Casinos in Primorye recorded a decrease in revenues in 2020

Igor Trofimov, Executive Director of Primorsky Krai Development Corporation JSC, in his interview revealed some financial details of the gambling business zone "Primorye". According to the functionary, in 2020 the facilities of the casino-resort sent less taxes to the budgets of different levels than in 2019.

Thus, the region's treasury received a total of 207 million rubles from Primorye casinos. Compared to the previous 12 months, the deficit amounted to 34 million. About 94 million rubles were allocated to the state budget account (in 2019 this figure was 216 million).

Trofimov explained such a significant drop in financial data by introducing a number of preferential rates for the gambling business in the region. During the worsening situation with the spread of coronavirus, the Primorsky Territory Legislative Assembly approved a reduction in the fiscal burden on local casinos. The size of the reduced rates was as follows: operators had to pay 50,000 rubles in taxes for one table for table games and 3,000 rubles for each slot machine. Before quarantine, these figures were at the levels of 125,000 rubles and 7,500 rubles, respectively.

The initiative was implemented as part of the authorities' program to support projects with an investment component that are distinguished by a strategic purpose.

It is also important to note a significant drop in attendance at the Primorye gambling zone. In 2020, 68,000 fewer tourists were recorded here than in 2019. The fall was 24%.

According to Igor Trofimov, after the removal of the package of strict restrictions, the profitability of IZ will increase several times. This will allow, as it was supposed earlier, to direct the tax deductions of representatives of the Primorye gambling business to various social initiatives and the development of the Primorye casino-resort. 688

Напомним, игорная зона Крыма получит современные очистные сооружения.

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