The State Duma will oblige social networks to control advertising of illegal gambling operators

Representatives of the United Russia party have developed and submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation a document, according to which social networks it will be possible to control the posted content for its illegality. This information was confirmed in the lower house of parliament.

The authors of the amendment, Alexander Khinshtein and Sergey Boyarsky, note that the proposed initiative is aimed solely at “keeping order on the Internet.”

This document directly deals with gambling advertising. In this context, the initiators paid special attention to illegal online casinos. Their advertising campaigns can often be found on the vastness of various social networks. However, according to the deputies, this situation has already begun to change, because Roskomnadzor has launched a program to actively counteract the popularization of offshore gambling operators.

The officials' initiative implies a responsible approach of social network owners in case illegal content is discovered. According to the provisions of the document, the law obliges social networks to immediately take all measures to block access to such materials.

In case of disputes, if the site cannot independently assess the level of illegality of information, then the appropriate department of Roskomnadzor is involved in this process . After that, this body will make a decision on content blocking.

Earlier it became known that the authorities are considering the creation of a single regulator of the gambling division industry. This document is already under consideration by the State Duma.

Recall that the casinos of Primoryewill continue to pay reduced taxes.

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