Spin for Tournament Win at 1Win Casino

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  • Casino: 1Win 694
  • Дата: 01.02.2021-15.02.2021
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize fund: 709 2 000 EUR
  • Game Type: Slot Machines
  • Tournament Type:Max Points
Tournament Spin for Win

On February 1, the Spin for Win tournament from the Evoplay provider started at the 1Win online casino. The competition runs for 2 weeks, the results will be announced on February 15 at 02:59 Moscow time. Participation is available to all active users registered on the site's official website. The number of winners is 10. No qualification is required. There is no entry fee. The minimum stake for participation is 0.5 EUR/46 USD.

The main criterion of the tournament is the maximum multiplier caught in the qualifying slot. Players place bets for two weeks, earning points depending on the multiplier. The higher this value, the higher the participant's position in the standings.

Only the maximum coefficient counts towards the event. Let's say a participant made 3 bets for 2, 5 and 10 USD in total during the competition. The winnings for them amounted to 25, 11 and 44, respectively. The points are calculated as follows: 25 / 2 = 12.5; 11/5 = 2.2; 44 / 10 = 4.4 points. This means that the player will have a score of 12.5 points.

When summing up the points, all bets made in a different currency are recalculated at the current rate of the 1Win casino. For hryvnias and rubles, the conversion is carried out on the basis of fixed values: 1 USD = 28 UAH/72 USD. For example, a participant made a bet of 75 rubles, for which the winnings amounted to 218. The points scored are calculated as follows: (218 / 72) / (75 / 72) = 3.02 / 1.04 = 2.9 points. The TOP 10 participants from the top of the leaderboard become winners and share 2000 EUR among themselves.

If two or more players complete the race with the same points at the end of the competition, the prize will be awarded to the one who earned their points before others. The tournament reward is paid automatically at the end of the scoring period. There are no wagering requirements.

Only real money bets on the following video slots count towards the tournament: Hot Triple Sevens, Rocket Stars, Rise of Horus, Indiana's Quest, Midnight Show.

Each player can take part in the competition only once from one IP address. All standard rules of the 1Win site must be followed. The tournament organizer, represented by Evoplay Entertainment, reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the terms of the promotion at any time, up to its complete completion.

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