D'Alembert's online casino strategy - low risk roulette system

Стратегия Д’Аламбера

D'Alembert's strategy is based on the theory of progression and has many similarities to hell with martingale. However, unlike the latter, this system is much less aggressive. It also involves increasing and decreasing the size of the bet after positive and unsuccessful outcomes. But the step here is calculated according to an arithmetic, not a geometric progression. As a result, the user's potential losses in a series of lost bets are ten times less.

Basics of the strategy

According to the d'Alembert system, the user must make predictions on outcomes with equal chances. These are bets that lead to one of two outcomes with a probability close to 50 to 50. A striking example of this is the predictions for red or black, even or odd in roulette. In case of a win, a person receives a payout and either leaves the bet size at its original level, if it was the first one in the session, or reduces it by one step. If you fail, the amount increases.

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Unlike the Martingale strategy, the d'Alembert system does not cover all previous losses with one successful spin. It may take several rotations before the user exits in a plus. However, this disadvantage is fully compensated by the reduced risks. If the geometric progression of the growth of the rate allows you to make only a few consecutive predictions, then the arithmetic one makes it possible to increase the duration of the session and protect yourself from dispersion.

Стратегия Д’Аламбера в рулетке
The graph of the growth of the rate with a series of unsuccessful outcomes

D'Alembert's strategy, like any other betting system, it does not guarantee a win. It only reduces the mathematical advantage of the casino at a short distance.

The use of thisstrategy is possible only in games where bets on equal chances are provided. If the probabilities of one of the two outcomes are not equal or far from 50%, the system will not work even in theory.

Luck — is not the only factor that gamblers rely on when they expect to win at roulette. The first strategies appeared almost simultaneously with the game, and its appearance on the Internet gave users new opportunities to increase their chances of winning. Programs for playing roulette in online casinos are based on the theory…Read more
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D'Alembert strategy example

Изначально пользователь должен определить стартовый размер ставки. Для этого можно разделить сумму депозита на несколько десятков равных частей. Например, на 30. Затем он выбирает исход и ставит на него одну условную единицу. Если результат оказался положительным, прогноз повторяется. При неудачном исходе ставка остается такой же, но сумма вырастает на 1 условную единицу.

Ставки в рулетке по стратегии Д’Аламбера
The denominations of roulette chips may vary depending on the account currency

Let's consider an example. The user replenished the account with 1500 rubles. Dividing this amount into 30 equal parts, he determined the size of the initial bet. It amounted to 50 rubles. Further actions of the player are presented in the table.

Spin numberBet, rublesResultBalance, rubles
4150 885Поражение-250
5200Win-50 897

Thus, with an equal number of positive and negative outcomes, the user ended up plus two initial bets.

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Advantages and disadvantages D'Alembert's strategy

This betting system is based on an arithmetic progression. This means that the effectiveness of the strategy is justified mathematically. However, results in practice may differ from theoretical ones. The strategy was developed with the expectation that forecasts would be made on outcomes with a 50% chance of falling out. But any game of chance gives a small advantage to the casino. On the example of the sameroulette this field is zero, reducing the chances of red and black to 48.65%. Within a few spins, this may not be noticeable, but at a distance the deviation is noticeable.

In American roulette, the house edge is 5.25% due to the presence of two zero cells on the field. The deviation from equal chances is even more pronounced here.

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At the same time, strategy D 'Alambera has several important advantages over other betting systems:

  • It is less demanding on the amount of the deposit, as it is based on an arithmetic progression.
  • For the same reason, the system is considered not too risky and allows conduct long sessions.
  • Noticeably reduced the effect of variance compared to with the same Martingale.
  • It is easy to learn, and in the process of application there are no difficulties with the calculation of the bet size.

Some disadvantages follow from the same advantages. The main one is that after a long series of failures, it can take a long time to turn into a plus. Previous losses are not covered by one successful forecast.

During the implementation of D'Alembert's strategy, it is important not to succumb to emotions and maintain a sequence of actions. If you deviate from the instructions at least once and make the wrong bet, the cycle will have to start over.

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