Red and Black Roulette strategy

Пользователи пробуют разные способы для выигрыша в казино. Один из них — ставить фишки на красное-черное в онлайн-рулетке. Подход позволяет использовать банкролл с минимальным риском в течение продолжительного времени. Многие стратегии основаны на данном принципе, редакция составила обзор самых действенных из них.

The essence of the red and black strategy

When playing roulette for the first time, many beginners are tempted to bet the majority of their bankroll on a single number. High odds create a misleading impression thata big reward. The probability that the ball will stop on the selected sector of the wheel is low. Experienced users know that roulette bets differ both in terms of multipliers and in terms of odds of winning. Consider them on the example of the European variety. If the drop probability for a number is 2.70%, then for the color of the sector it increases to 48.65%.

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Values ​​may vary due to variance and game specifics. In the American version, this figure drops to 47.37% due to two green zero sectors. The basic pattern remains unchanged. Betting on the odds in roulette is the safest. They are great for long gaming sessions. Most of the strategies are based on a certain principle: the player puts chips on a color, and raises the amount in case ofdefeat.

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Description of tactics

Before playing red-black-green roulette for money, you need to choose how the bet amount will change. For example, in the popular Martingale system, the doubling progression principle works:

  1. The user chooses the initial bet.
  2. Sets the chips to one of the colors.
  3. At each loss, the amount is multiplied 2 times.
  4. If you win, the player returns to the starting value.

The scheme also works for other odds bets, such as over or under, even or odd. A similar algorithm has the d'Alembert strategy. With each loss, the user adds the same amount to the bet. The Oscar Grind strategy is a more complex system with the opposite principle. In it, the bet increases with each win. The session ends when the amount is four times the initial amount.

No matter which method the user chooses, there are a few rules to follow. First of all, you should set the maximum amount that the user is willing to spend without harming himself. As soon as the total size of the staked chips reaches this limit, the game should be interrupted. It doesn't matter how much money was won or lost in the process.

After its invention in the middle of the 17th century, roulette was repeatedly banned, and church leaders even considered the game to be the machinations of the devil, since the amount numbers on the wheel is 666. Now this is one of the most popular gambling entertainment. The basic rules of playing roulette in a casino are known even to those who have never been to…Read more
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Where to use the roulette strategy Red- Black

Playing for money according to this scheme is on sites with a license and a verified RNG. In this case, deviations in the operation of the generator will not affect the efficiency of the system. It is necessary to choose a game with a minimum house edge. First of all, these are roulettes with additional rules for zero. If the game has the La Partage or Surrender functions, then when the ball stops on the zero sector, half of the chips placed on the color, over or under and even or odd, are returned to the user.

Another rule found in some titles — En Prison. If it works, then when zero comes up, half of the odds bets are fixed on the field until the next round.

European roulette is considered the best option for playing according to this method, since it is characterized by the minimum house edge.

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Example of a game

Let's consider the Martingale strategy using the classic European roulette from NetEnt as an example. The minimum limit in it is 0.01, the maximum is 5000. The largest amount that can be bet on odds here reaches 2000. Such limits are suitable for the system, since you can raise the bet for a long time. The value of many chips is equal to twice the face value of the previous chip, which makes it easier for the player to double the value.

You should start by betting one 0.01 chip on red or black. In case of a match, the same chip is placed on any of the colors, and in the opposite situation - 0.02 on the loser. If the user does not win in the next round, 0.04 is bet on the same color, then 0.08 and so on until the first win. Similar actions are repeated until the selected limit is reached.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the system

Into number The most significant advantages of the scheme included its simplicity. The user needs to make only two types of bets, so even a beginner can master the technique. Another reason to choose this strategy is its proven effectiveness. The scheme has existed for almost as long as the game itself, and many experienced players managed to verify its performance.

Smallrewards- the main drawback. The odds per round are 1 to 1. Frequent, but small payouts do not motivate all online casino users, as a result, there is a risk of deviating from the chosen algorithm and losing. Another disadvantage is that it will be impossible to constantly continue to play according to the scheme due to the limit being reached. In this regard, it makes sense to choose games with a high upper threshold for betting odds.

Easy methodSmall gains
Proven effectiveness of the strategyAvailability of a limit
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