Martingale strategy and its application in online casinos - secrets, efficiency

Стратегия Мартингейла

Martingale is a gambling betting strategy developed in the 18th century simultaneously with the emergence of the first land-based casinos. Despite the fact that this system has existed for almost three centuries, it still has millions of adherents. The popularity of the strategy is due to the logical mathematical justification and ease of use. However, despite the theoretical win-win of Martingale, this system does not always bring the desired result.

The essence of the strategy

The Martingale theory is based on the assumption that the same result cannot be repeated an infinite number of times. If you constantly flip a coin, then its sides will alternate. On this principle, as well as a consistent change in the size of the bet, the whole strategy is built. Its essence is as follows:

  • The player determines in advance the starting bet size, based on his bankroll.
  • He chooses gambling entertainment in which he can make a prediction for one of two outcomes with approximately equal chances of getting them.
  • If you lose, the previous bet is doubled. This action is repeated until a positive result is recorded.
  • After winning, the bet size returns to its original value.

Thus, regardless of the amount of previous losses, the first success fully covers them and gives small profit.

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Where you can use the Martingale strategy

You can use this strategy in any gambling entertainment where there are bets on equal chances. The key point here is the ratio of the probabilities of the two outcomes. They must be equal, since any deviations increase the variance and reduce the efficiency of the system.

Стратегия Мартингейла в рулетке
Bet options for equal chances in roulette

The best entertainment for Martingale is European and French roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps.

The slots are not suitable for applying the strategy. They have too high a level of volatility. Preference should be given to table games, mainly in Live mode.

Strategy D'Alembert is based on the theory of progression and has many similarities with Martingale. However, unlike the latter, this system is much less aggressive. It also involves increasing and decreasing the size of the bet after positive and unsuccessful outcomes. But the step here is calculated by arithmetic, not…Read more
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An example of using the strategy

Let's say a user decides to test the Martingale system in roulette. He determined the initial bet at the level of 100 rubles and made a prediction for all red numbers. The roulette wheel stopped at a black number, causing the player to lose money. He must make the next bet again on the red numbers, but in the amount of 200 rubles. The outcome turned out to be unsuccessful again, and another forecast was made for the amount of 400 rubles.

Размер ставки по Мартингейлу
The size of the bet in the Martingale strategy grows exponentially

As a result, the roulette wheel stopped at the red number. The payment amounted to 800 rubles. She covered all previous costs in the amount of 700 rubles (100 + 200 + 400). The profit amounted to 100 rubles.

After a positive outcome, the bet amount returns to the initial value, and the chain of actions is repeated.

Bet numberBet size, rub. 885Сумма прогнозов, руб.Profit with positive outcome, USD
1100100 895100

Thus, the user's profit with a successful bet is always 100 rubles. You can increase it by raising the step size. For example, multiply each next bet not by 2, but by 2.5.

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Although the effectiveness of the Martingale strategy is justified mathematically, it cannot consistently produce results. Online casinos are well aware of the existence of such a system, so operators have long taken measures to counteract it.

There are no gambling strategies that would give a guaranteed result. Using any tactic comes with risks.

There are several factors that make the Martingale system imperfect:

  • Betting limits. Casinos always set a minimum and maximum number of chips, which can be spent on any forecast. Therefore, it will not work to increase the size of the bet to infinity. Sooner or later, with a series of failures, the user will hit the ceiling.
  • Unpredictable results. The probability that black will fall 10 times in a row in the same roulette wheel is very small, but it exists. Therefore, even if there were no betting limits, there is always a risk of using up the entire bankroll before getting the desired result.

The Martingale strategy should not be taken as a 100% guide to winning. It would be better to use it for short periods, setting the maximum loss threshold, after which the rate returns to its original value.

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Advice to players

The effectiveness of the Martingale strategy directly depends on the chosen gambling entertainment, the size of the bankroll and the initial bet. So, for the game, you should choose only those disciplines in which forecasts for two outcomes with equal chances are possible. A striking example isroulette, in which there are options to bet on red or black, even or odd.

The size of the deposit affects the duration of the doubling segment, which can be performed by the user. The larger the deposit, the longer the chain.

It is also important to correctly determine the size of the initial bet. The initial amount should allow you to increase it at least 5-6 times in a row.

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