Umbrella strategy in online casino: basic ideas and rules of use

Стратегия «Зонтик»

Umbrella is one of the simplest systems for playing slots and table gambling entertainment, built on a consistent change in the size of the bet. Unlike many other strategies, it does not have a mathematical justification - it is impossible to prove its effectiveness in practice. The calculation is that the results of the spins in the slots are always random. It is this factor that can bring benefits when alternating the size of the bet.

The essence of the "Umbrella" strategy

The key principle of this system is a smooth increase and decrease in the cost of a spin. The user determines the initial size of the bet and sets the step for changing it. Then he chooses the duration of one chain and performs a series of spins, adhering to the selected numerical values.

Стратегия «Зонтик» в онлайн-казино
You can increase and decrease the bet in some slots by changing the coin denomination

Depending on the selected bet step, the level changes influence ofdispersion on the final result. The sharper the jumps the user makes, the more two separate betting cycles can differ.

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An important point when applying the Umbrella strategy is determining the starting bankroll. And here everything is closely interconnected with the chosen type of betting system. There are two types of it.

Type of strategyFeaturesExample
ConservativeA variant that suits reserved players. It involves making a large number of bets. One cycle can include over 10 rotations. The size of the bet at the same time increases and decreases smoothly.1-1-1-2-2-2-3-3-3-2-2-2-1-1-1
АгрессивныйMore risky system, highly affected by variance. However, the latter can lead to both a quick loss of the bankroll and large payouts. The betting cycle here is noticeably shorter than in the conservative version, and the cost of spins increases and decreases in sharp jumps.1-2-3-5-5-5-3-2-1

Числа, приведенные в примере в таблице, означают количество начальных ставок. То есть если единица равна 20 рублям, то двойка — 40, тройка — 60, пятерка — 100.

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Tips for players

Before proceeding to the game, applying the "Umbrella" strategy, it is necessary to think over the pattern according to which bets will be made. Next, you need to determine the size of the bankroll, the initial cost of the spins, the increase and decrease step, and then select a specific gambling entertainment.

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There are no secrets that would allow you to get guaranteed winnings. But with a few simple guidelines, you can provide better bankroll protection and increase your chances of success.

What it's all about:

  • The deposit must cover multiple betting cycles. It is necessary to determine the amount of replenishment of the balance and the initial cost of spins with the expectation that there will be enough money to repeat at least 4-5 chains of spins. If you bet all your funds in one cycle, there is a high probability of losing your bankroll quickly.
  • Sharp jumps should be avoided. The Umbrella strategy performs best in a conservative form, that is, with a smooth an increase in the rate. Races provide an opportunity to get more generous payouts within a single session. However, at a distance they will negatively affect the balance.
  • The choice of slots matters. If the strategy is used inslot machines, you give preference to devices with a higher RTP and low or medium volatility.
Стратегия «Зонтик» в рулетке
You can play the "Umbrella" strategy in roulette with bets on equal chances

This approach to betting is popular among users of online casino. Many follow the principles of the Umbrella to some extent without even knowing it. The advantages of the system are ease of use and clear rules for generating templates. But due to the lack of mathematical justification, the results of using the strategy are comparable to a regular game: they depend on chance.

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