Tournament Turmoil magic at Play Fortuna Casino

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  • Casino: Play Fortuna
  • Date: 01/15/2021-01/26/2021
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize fund: 50 000 EUR
  • Game Type: Slot Machines
  • Tournament Type:Max Points
Tournament Суматоха волшебства

December 15 at 15:00 Moscow time in the online casino Play Fortuna started the lottery "Magic Turmoil" for all fans of video slots. The total prize fund of the competition is 50,000 euros. All customers of the Play Fortuna site who have a valid account on the casino website can take part. There is no entry fee. There are also no qualifications. The results of the competition will be announced on January 25 at 15:00 Moscow time.

To win the competition, you must make deposits in multiples of 20 USD. Every 20 USD / 20 EUR of funds deposited into the game account will bring the participant 1 lottery ticket. It can be exchanged for spinning the reward wheel. For the balance of deposits that are not a multiple of 20, tickets are not awarded. For example, a player deposited 95 euros into the account. Therefore, he will receive 4 lottery tickets for 80 EUR deposit. The remaining 15 euros are burned.

By scrolling the reward wheel, the participant moves 1-5 cells across the playing field. There are 4 types of cells:

PointsThe cell determines whether a player can receive from 5 to 150 points. Depending on the coefficient of the bet, the number of points awarded on all cells may increase. When hitting this cell, the user is given a choice: to collect points and return to the beginning of the field or continue spinning the reward wheel.
FailureGetting to this cell, the participant returns to the beginning of the game map, and all points earned at this stage are burned.
PauseThe user does not receive points. The position on the playing field remains unchanged.
Golden cellGetting to this cell, the player is guaranteed to receive one of the following prizes: free spins, points, lottery tickets, sets of branded products (hoodies and backpack; portable speaker; plaid and thermal mug; sensory gloves and hoodie; socks and t-shirt)

The promotion also includes a Super Game. It is available upon reaching the 40th cell on the map. At the same time, it is not necessary to hit strictly on the given one. You can also take part in the Super Game for 50 lottery tickets. To do this, click on the "Buy Super Game" button on the panel. At this stage of the lottery, the user is guaranteed to receive from 150 to 1500 points.

According to the results of the tournament, the top 200 players who have scored the most points during the promotion period become winners and are divided among themselves into the prize fund of the competition in the amount of 50 000 EUR:

PlaceTournament winnings
17000 EUR
25000 EUR
34000 EUR
43000 EUR
52000 EUR
61500 EUR
71000 EUR
8-14 825750 EUR
15-22500 EUR
23-31400 EUR
32-41300 EUR
42-53250 EUR
54-62150 EUR
63-86100 EUR
87-10575 EUR
106- 12550 EUR
126-16025 EUR
161-18020 EUR 879
181-20010 EUR

Users can play the game map an unlimited number of times. All accumulated points are summed up. At the end of the competition, prizes are awarded with real money.

The administration of the Play Fortuna site reserves the right to make adjustments to the current rules for the promotion at any time. In case of detection of the fact of fraudulent activities, such a player will be blocked without the right to receive a prize.

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