Blackjack tactics and strategy

Тактика и стратегия блэкджека

Blackjack is already being played more than 600 years old, this is one of the oldest card games in the world. Its direct progenitor is the Italian “Thirty-one”. In the USSR, entertainment was known as "Point". Learning the basic blackjack strategy will allow you to master the game faster, understand the principle of the dealer and the participant, and maximize the probability of winning.

Terminology 775

Стратегия не поможет, если участник не знаком с игровым сленгом. Термины блэкджека отражают различные ситуации, возникающие во время раунда, обозначают ходы, ставки и другие манипуляции. Новичкам, планирующим профессионально играть, нужно выучить их в первую очередь.

HitRequest replenishment of the hand.
Stand (stand, leave)Refuse an additional card.
Bust (bust, bust)Burst of points , meaning automatic loss.
Double (double, doubling)Double the amount of the bet. Available after the first hand.
Hard HandHand Without Ace.
Soft HandHand With Ace.
Сдаться (surrender)Surrender the further game, having lost the deposit.
Draw (push, push)Same number of points with the dealer at a greater risk of further search. For example, 19 points. The bet is returned to the player, the results of the game are cancelled.
InsuranceAn additional deposit of 50% of the initial one. Allows you to protect the main deposit from loss if the dealer hits a blackjack combination.
Split (split, split)The ability to split the hand if paired cards fell out.

Main the combination in the game is called blackjack. This is a combination of any 10-point card with an Ace.

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Rules of the game

The game is played on decks of 52 cards. The number of sets can be increased depending on the number of participants. Probability analysis shows that the more decks, the lower the probability of blackjack. When using a shuffle machine, sets are considered infinite.

Points are calculated as follows.

Ace11 или 1 (принимается 11 очков, если с ними в руке не будет перебора)
Two — tenAt face value
Jack, queen, king10

According to classical rules, bets are accepted before surrender. After that, the dealer gives out 2 cards in turn to each competitor. Hands open immediately. At the same time, the hole card rule is common in the USA: one dealer's card is hidden from the eyes of the other participants in the draw.

Beginners often think that the goal of the game is to get 21 points without busting. In reality, victory depends on the content of the dealer's hand and his actions. Beating the croupier is the real goal of entertainment.

Having received the combinationblackjack immediately after the deal, the participant is declared the winner. He is paid a standard win of 3 to 2 of the amount of the original bet. There are 2 exceptions to this situation. The first is the loss of a similar combination at the dealer. This is possible when playing with open hands. The second is activated if the hole card rule is in effect and the dealer's first card is a ten, jack, king, queen or ace.

In the first case, a push is declared - a draw. Participants remain "with their own". In the second, the player will immediately be offered to take the victory with a reward of 1 to 1 of the bet amount. Refusing, he will continue the game. If, after the dealer's second card has been revealed, he does not receive a blackjack, the player is declared the winner. Otherwise, the game will be reduced to a draw.

If after the distribution no one has received blackjack, the participants will have a choice: to replenish the hand or leave it as it is. The last option is for those who are satisfied with the number of points in the hand. The player refuses to move with the word "pass".

20 очков в blackjack
The draw is inappropriate. 20 points rolled in the hand

Participants who take an extra can improve the existing combination. In doing so, they risk exceeding the hand limit of 21 points. Busting is punishable by leaving the game without saving the bet.

The dealer receives the last change. The classic rule is that the croupier must score less than 17 points in a hand and stop if he has reached them. The condition is optional for all games.

Final scoring is carried out according to the "player against the dealer" system. Only their hands are compared. The layouts of the rest do not matter, even if the participant scored a better combination than the neighbors.

Additional rules

Casinos often introduce additional conditions for parties. Among them:

  • Doubling. A double is declared if the participant has no more than 11 (sometimes - 10) points.
  • Surrender. Вариант, при котором игроку дается право забрать половину ставки после первого получения карт.
  • Insurance. Available with the dealer's ace up. The insurance fee is withdrawn if the dealer has blackjack.

Some entertainment options involve tripling the stakes, points for additional combinations and other conditions.

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Basic strategy blackjack for beginners

Tip tables help reduce house edge, reduce chances of losing.


  • X - hit, replenish hand.
  • D - double, double bet or make a hit.
  • C - stand, leave hand as it is.
  • DS - double, if not, then stand.

Strategies are valid under the condition that the dealer draw is prohibited at 17 points.

Graphics of the game with one deck

Hard Deal.

Participant's HandDealer's Card
23456789 10Ace
18 and upCCCCCCCCC 1276С

Soft deal.

Member's handDealer card
23456789 130210Ace

This blackjack strategy works if the rules don't include dealing.

Две колоды

Hard Deal.

Participant's HandDealer Card
23 143945678910Ace
18 и вышеCCCCC 1638СCCCC

Soft surrender. 1653

Рука участникаDealer Card
2345 1664678910Ace

Basic tactic cannot use insurance.

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Blackjack table with explanation

Базовая тактика сводится к определенному поведению при конкретных раскладах.

2-67-ace 1810
12 -16CX

After getting 17 points or more, the draw must be abandoned, regardless of the contents of the dealer's hand.

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How to use the table correctly

In order to make a decision about the further move, based on the strategy, it is necessary to evaluate the hand received after the deal. On the left side of the table - the sum of the player's points, the right side reflects the croupier's open card. Using this data, you can find out which move is preferable in different situations.

Перебор у дилера
Winning by 17 points when the dealer has a surplus

Blackjack tactics in the tableau are not a panacea. It only increases the probability of a positive outcome of the game for all participants, except for the dealer. But tables don't always work. For example, whenCasinoSets its edge above the default.

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Pair splitting is possible when the participant has received two identical cards. If you add an additional bet to the bet (100% of the original), you can make a split. Splitting means control of two independent hands with the possibility of winning for both.

It is not recommended to split combinations consisting of tens. The sum of such a distribution is 20 points, which bring winnings in the game with great probability. Dividing them means trading victory for control of two spreads with little prospects.

Blackjack is a card game that has been popular for several centuries. The reason is the ability to increase the chances of winning through the use of strategies. But before moving on to mastering them, you need to understand the rules of blackjack. History of the card game The debate about the origins of blackjack continues and…Read more
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Popular blackjack tactics

blackjack, you can use additional mechanics to increase the probability of winning.

Playing with two pairs

The rules provide for the possibility of splitting the hand after the deal, when the same cards were received. After the split and replenishment, a situation with repeated loss of pairs is likely. The dealer offers to divide the change again, if it is stipulated by the terms of the game. So the player will be able to control 4 independent hands.

An exception is splitting aces. As a rule, it is allowed only once. After a split of aces, only one extra card is allowed to be drawn.

Tracking the shuffle

The method of keeping track of the elements of the deck that have left the game is known among the players. Its essence: visually mark the cards of interest, trying to track where they got after shuffling. Decisions on rates, further moves, are made on the basis of such an analysis.

Memorizing the deck

Similar to the previous method. The player is trying to determine which decks have profitable elements left, such as aces. If a shuffle machine is used for shuffling, the method is useless.

Hard hand without aces

If you get an unenviable hand, you can use the basic strategy. If there are from 5 to 8 points, you need to get it in any situation of the dealer. Having received from 12 to 16, you can pass if the dealer has a weak change.

With a soft hand with an ace

The best tactic is to draw with 12-17 points. You can double if the dealer has change.

When is the best time to fold

Standing is reasonable if you get 17 on a hard hand and 18 on a soft hand. It is a mistake to fold with 16 points if the dealer has a good hand.

When to doubling

Double can be applied by getting from 9 to 11. If the dealer has an ace or ten, it is better to replace the doubling hit.

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Card Counting

The "Plus-Minus" counting method was shown in the famous film "Twenty-One". Its essence is the assignment of a certain positive or negative number to each card that has left the game.

If after the calculations the amount is "in plus", the player's chances are considered high. Plus or minus is often used to decide whether a bet is worthwhile.

Mathematical Calculations

There are several ways to maximize the chance of winning by applying science. Mathematics uses the Plus-Minus system. Also, the calculations are relevant for the “Halves” technique similar to it. With the help of mathematics, the basic strategies that players use are compiled.

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Insurance at online casinos

The insurance option is available in most game variants. The participant is offered the opportunity to insure against blackjack at the dealer. The basic tactic recommends not using insurance. The probability of getting blackjack with an ace is less than a third.

Which strategy is better not to use

Some tips are more harmful than helpful. For example, you may come across the opinion that before the start of the game it is better to immediately assume that the dealer's hole card is a ten. This supposedly will allow you to prepare for the worst, not excluding the successful outcome of the round. As a rule, the real result of such a technique is the loss of the bet.

You should also not listen to advisers behind your shoulder. Basic strategy is a beginner's best friend. Having learned it and practiced it, you can ensure an acceptable balance of losses and wins.

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Tips from the pros

To win more often, you need to listen to the recommendations experienced players:

  • It is preferable to choose a game with optimal conditions for ordinary players. It makes no sense to play by rules that give a big advantage to the casino.
  • It is better to study basic tactics one by one. Learn tips for one deck first, then move on to other models. This will allow you to understand how the strategy works, teach you how to act intuitively.
  • It is not necessary to enter into an agreement with the dealer, having a blackjack combination. Somecasinos in such cases, they offer an instant payout of 1 to 1, which reduces the size of the prize by a third.

Blackjack is a game in which luck and calculation are equally important. Strategies will not work if a bad alignment has fallen out. There is no perfect tactic. But the tables will help you learn how to navigate the game, its patterns and rules.

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Frequently asked questions

Как правило, невыгодно. Вероятность выпадения блэкджека у крупье — 4 из 13. При этом страховка целесообразна, если в колоде осталось много десяток.

Difficult, because it's unusual. Strategy mistakes are costly. It is better to practice by watching the games, but not taking part.

If you score 16 points with the dealer's 10. The probability of busting the participant is too high, unlike the croupier .

Not often. Sticking to the basic tables, you can lose one hand in twelve on average.

There are. For example, a roll of 777 is rewarded with increased odds. Also, the game may have an active "suited blackjack" rule, in which the combination is paid additionally at a rate of 2 to 1.

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