Checking online casino technical support #2 specialists have tested the quality of customer service in Vulkan branded casino support services. In terms of the speed of response and the culture of communication with the players, the casino support Club Vulkan proved to be the best.

Under the guise of a new client who is studying the bonus policy, a employee turned to the online chats of six establishments. Additionally, requests were sent to the e-mail of all casinos. It is worth noting that among these establishments, only Vulkan Vegas holds a license and operates legally.

All operators in the chats responded instantly, and more meaningful answers took from 1 to 3 minutes.

In the online chatClub Vulkan the employee answered clarifying questions on average 1-2 minutes. The operator gave detailed non-standard explanations, and as a result politely said goodbye.

In the casinoVulcan Stars one answer was given up to 3 minutes. Customers here are advised to independently study the information presented on the site. During communication, the support employee made grammatical errors.

It took about 3 minutes for each answer to the operatorVulkan Maximum. Information was provided in full. The employee actively offered various bonuses and promotions.

Casino NameOnline Chat Response TimeEmail Response Time
Vulkan Club1-2 minutes4 hours
Vulcan Starsup to 3 minutes3 hours 30 minutes
Volcano Maximumup to 3 minutesNo answer
Volcano Reach1-2 minutesNo answer
Volcano Vegasup to 1 minuteNo answer
Volcano Deluxeup to 2 minutesNo response

AtRich Volcano On average, responses were received within 1-2 minutes. The operator obviously tried to help the new player, however, like his colleague from Vulkan Stars, he demonstrated a poor level of Russian language proficiency.

In the chatVulkan Vegas even The most difficult questions were answered within 1 minute. The employee showed himself as a professional who knows everything about the casino and the culture of communication with the client.

Chat operatorVolkan Deluxe was polite, treated with special attention to new client. Clarifications took up to 2 minutes, and short responses from an employee came instantly.

Verified Volcanoes respond to e-mail much longer. From Vulkan Stars, the letter arrived after 3 hours and 30 minutes, and from the Vulkan Club - after 4 hours. There was no response from other casinos.

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