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Texas Hold’em
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  • Release date: 2018
  • Genre: Classic
  • Min. rate: 1
  • Max. Rate: 1
  • RTP: 98.75%
  • Platforms: PC,Smartphones
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BGaming is a supplier software for hundreds of online casinos. Its products are characterized by modern design and cross-platform. The provider's range includes applications for playing popular types of poker and in-house developed disciplines. The Texas Hold'em slot machine from BGaming can be found on most sites of large establishments. Users are attracted by the convenience of the software, simple rules and high RTP.

Features of the machine

The game uses a standard 52-card deck without jokers. The user competes with the dealer - there are no others at the table, it is impossible to bet more than one box. To win the hand, you need to collect a combination higher than that of the dealer. Bonuses and jackpot are not played. The difference from the classic version of Hold'em in the "casino" format is four distribution stages.

At launching the web client, the user is credited with 1000 credits. The balance is automatically replenished when the chips run out or there are not enough of them to pay for bets at the next stages of the distribution. The machine saves the history of shuffling the deck, which allows you to check the honesty of the provider.

HTML5 technology allows you to run the program in a browser on computers and mobile devices with Android and iOS. It works with the horizontal and vertical orientation of the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Full screen mode is enabled only in landscape format. You can play Texas Hold'em online for free in demo mode without registration.

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Game Rules

To participate in the hand, the user must select the denomination of chips and click on the Ante field — this is the initial bet that cannot be collected. After pressing Deal, the application distributes two starting cards to the player and the dealer. The dealer's hand is unknown.

Первый этап
The user has received the starting hand

Two solutions are available:

  • Raise - a bet of two antes. The second stage of the distribution begins - three common cards are laid out in the center of the table openly, which are called the flop.
  • Fold - a pass in which the ante loses. The machine offers to start a new hand.
The name of the prepared layout is displayed next to the cards

On the flop, you can make a Check decision, moving to the next auction for free, or make a Bet the size of an ante. Regardless of the action chosen, the fourth card is revealed - the turn. Again, you can put Bet or choose Check. The fifth community card is laid out on the table. The dealer's hand is revealed.

The player receives a payout if his combination is stronger than the dealer's. Otherwise, he loses all bets placed. If the user and the croupier have made deals of equal strength, a Push is announced - the chips are returned.

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Dealings are made up of starting and common cards. Of the seven, five are selected to form the strongest possible hand.

Poker combinations in descending order of strength from top to bottom:

Royal flushAll of the same suit from Ten to Ace
Straight flushAll of the same suit and form an order
Four of a kindFour identical ranks
Full houseThree one denominations and a pair
FlushAll the same suits
StraightForm order but differ in suits
Three of a kindThree of a kind
Two pairsTwo pairs
One pairOne pair
High cardAll other cases 1175

При победе игрока с тройкой и младше анте возвращается, а все остальные ставки оплачиваются 1 к 1. Если пользователь выиграл, собрав стрит и старше, анте также оплачивается 1 к 1.

При своих
Push Situation — the poker player and the casino made the same poker hands
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Slot machine design

Before the first hand, the user is prompted to select the chip value on the panel, which is located at the bottom of the interface in the center. To set the bet size, you need to click in the Ante field one or more times. Each repeated click increases the bet by the value of the chip. At the end of the distribution, the application offers to use the following options:

  • Rebet — a new round starts with the same ante size.
  • New Bets — a panel with chips opens. You can change their value and bet size.

Decision buttons in the Texas Hold'em online slot are located on the right side of the screen - this provides more comfortable control when using a mobile device. You can play with your smartphone in one hand.

Function buttons are located in the upper right corner of the screen:

  • Medal icon - deck shuffle results.
  • Expanding arrows - full screen format.
  • Speaker - silent mode.
  • Three horizontal bars - adjust the volume of sound effects, background music and poker rules in English.

The application from BGaming is one of the best online Texas Hold'em slots. Another variation of this poker calledCasino Holdem is offered by Play'n Go. The flop is dealt along with the starting cards. In the second stage of the hand, the turn and the river open at the same time. A bonus bet is also available for pairing aces and higher.

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Latest Texas Hold'em reviews 1514
Asti9 Newbie
December 09, 2020

I always turn off the sound in such applications, but I didn’t even think about it here. Pleasant background music and people's voices can be heard - quite realistic. In general, the quality is excellent - no bugs, no freezes, the animation is on the level. I put five with a plus and recommend this machine to everyone.

Overall score
5 / 5
December 03, 2020

Collected quads, but they paid me little. I searched and searched and did not find a paytable. What are the rules for paying here and where to look at the odds?

December 04, 2020

All combinations older than Troika are paid 1 k 1 for ante and other bets. Hands up to and including the Three are paid 1 to 1 on the raise and additional bets - the ante is returned. To open the paytable, click the button with three horizontal dashes and go to the Rules tab.

Don JuanBeginner
November 19, 2020

This is the most interesting form of hold'em in the casino. It’s not like the machines where the flop is immediately distributed and the distribution takes place in two stages. Here you can at least use a strategy and, by the way, it works out well. I think everyone can try to play it for money in a casino. I've played Oasis, but haven't decided on Hold'em yet.

Overall rating
5 / 5
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