In 2020, online casino operators expect tougher rules of work

LeoVegas Communications Director Hans Urus expressed his opinion on the activities of regulators in the gambling industry in 2020 . He suggested that operators will have to be flexible due to the tightening of rules for operating in regulated markets.

"LeoVegas has recovered from the most difficult year in its history. Now the main task for the company, as well as for other market participants, is the need to adapt to the new norms of the industry with tougher requirements and control from regulators,” said Urus.

The representative of the corporation also summed up the work of LeoVegas in 2019. He noted that, among other achievements, the company released its own slot machine using the MegaWays system and offered users a split screen in a mobile application. Thanks to the latter, customers can run two games of chance on their smartphoneonline casino at once.

LeoVegas is a Swedish gambling operator. The company has been operating since 2011, is recognized by gamblers and sports betting fans, and is also the winner of awards from the professional community. In early December 2019, the company won the SBC Awards in the nominations "Best Online Casino Operator" and "Gambling Innovation".

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28 мая 2020

Is this a casino or a mirror, I can’t figure out where the operators are???

28 мая 2020

Ask more specifically. It's not quite clear what exactly you are interested in?

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