Observer Tournament at Casino X

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  • Casino: Casino X
  • Date: 05/20/2020-01/28/2021
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize fund: Progressive
  • Game Type: Slots
  • Tournament Type:Max Winning
Tournament Наблюдатель

Casino X regularly hosts an unusual tournament called the Watcher. The uniqueness of this weekly competition lies in the fact that participants can track the game of their opponents right during the tournament race. By launching the video slot, the user can also watch the game of any other player he chooses. To do this, click on the icon next to the username in the leaderboard.

The minimum stake to participate is $0.50 or the equivalent in the player's account currency. The Casino X client is automatically included in the race when choosing a slot machine from the list of claimed ones. The full list of slots for participation in the tournament is updated weekly on the promotion page. The number of points received by the player depends on the winning coefficient. Points are awarded as follows:

  • winning from x0 to x1 - 0 points;
  • winning from x1 to x3 - 1 point;
  • winning from x3 to x7 - 5 points; 749
  • выигрыш от х7 до х15 — 20 баллов;
  • winning from x15 to x30 - 75 points;
  • winning from x30 to x75 - 150 points;
  • winning from x75 to x100 - 300 points;
  • winning from x100 and above - 999 points.

In addition, points are also awarded for an uninterrupted series of winnings according to the following formula:

  • 1 point for one win;
  • 3 points if the player wins twice in a row;
  • 7 points for a series of three wins in a row;
  • 15 points for four consecutive wins;
  • 50 points if the participant managed to win five times in a row;
  • 150 points if the unbeaten streak consists of six or more wins. 776

Чем больше баллов удается заработать участнику, тем более высокое место он занимает в турнирной таблице.

The competition also contains the "Boosters" option, with which you can get extra points . The feature is triggered automatically when a player places a bet above the minimum. Also, the booster is activated for the participant if the player ahead of him in the standings does not make a bet for 30 minutes.

The prize fund is formed from the bets of all participants, that is, it is progressive. The minimum guaranteed prize pool amount is 300 euros. The cash prizes are distributed among the 25 players who have shown the best result during the week from Saturday to Friday inclusive. The distribution of the prize fund is as follows:

  • 1st place — 20%
  • 2nd place — 12%
  • 3rd place — 9%
  • 4th place — 7%
  • 5th place — 6%
  • 6th place — 5%
  • 7-9th place — 4%
  • 10th-13th place — 3%
  • 14th-18th place — 2%
  • 19th-25th place — 1%

Prizes are credited to winners' accounts in the form of bonuses after summing up and must be wagered with x3 wager.

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