Head of UGC revealed the nuances of the system for protecting Ukrainian citizens from gambling addiction

Head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council Anton Kuchukhidze revealed a number of details of a special law of Ukraine to protect citizens from the harmful effects of gambling. The expert is sure that the legalization of the gambling sector is directly related to the social protection of the population.

Kuchukhidze notes that a special act is already working within the framework of Ukrainian legislation that restricts access to gambling establishments for people prone to developing problems with gambling addiction. The register of such citizens must be maintained in accordance with the sixth paragraph of Article 16 of the relevant law.

The expert noted that the restriction of the participation of a particular person in gambling can be initiated by the citizen himself on the basis of a personal appeal to the organizer of the gambling business or another authorized body. In addition, one of the family members on the first line of kinship or the legal representative of a citizen can prohibit visits to casinos, slot machine halls and online platforms.

As a result of entering a person into the register of problem players, he receives a ban on participation gambling business for up to six months. This veto cannot be overturned or challenged.

The head of the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council once again turned to the British model of protection against harmful gambling. In his opinion, Ukraine needs to follow the example of the UK, where for 20 years it has managed to curb the growth in the number of gambling addicts through the active interaction of gambling operators, the state and charitable organizations.

As an example, the functionary cited the work of the British authorities, the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), which unites more than 90% of all gambling companies in the country, and the anti-addiction organization GambleAware. The interaction of the three parties ensured the allocation of more than 100 million pounds sterling to counter gambling addiction in 2021.

He is sure that Ukraine is quite capable of implementing such a practice in its conditions. However, at the same time, it is necessary to achieve more active social activity of business, Kuchukhidze is sure.

Recall that in Ukraineurge to join the All-Ukrainian Gambling Council.

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