Ukraine has launched a "stop list" of citizens who are prohibited from entering gambling establishments

According to the report of the Commission on Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (CRAIL) , in Ukraine, the register of persons who will not be allowed into the gambling establishments of the country has officially begun its work. The corresponding document is posted on the official website of the Ukrainian regulator.

It is noted that on June 16 the "black list" was launched in test mode. It contains the names of citizens who have been banned by the authority from casinos, slot machine halls, bookmakers and lottery sales points.

When adopting the law on the legalization of gambling in Ukraine, the authors of the document prescribed a rule according to which every citizen of the country who wants to take part in gambling entertainment must go through the identification procedure without fail, providing true and up-to-date passport data.

The bill puts forward the main requirements that operators will be guided by when admitting persons to their gambling facilities. The first and most important is the age of 21 years. The second is the absence of problems associated with financial obligations (alimony, subsidies, large loans, benefits). The total amount of debt obligations of a particular person should not exceed UAH 250,000. An important nuance of the law is the rule that a person's spending on gambling cannot exceed his monthly income.

“Citizens with limited legal capacity and incompetent citizens should not be allowed to enter the sphere of gambling. In addition to them, admission is prohibited to those who are in a separate Register of persons who cannot use the services of gambling operators,” the document says.

Note that a list of self-excluded persons will also work within Ukrainian jurisdiction. It can be filled by the citizens themselves, who personally wish to forbid themselves from participating in the gambling business. To do this, you need to write and submit a corresponding application directly to the operator of the gambling industry or send an appeal to the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries.

Recall, according to the expert, the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine became an incentive for the development of business activity.

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