Nevada Casinos Earn Over $1 Billion For First Time Since Coronavirus Pandemic

Nevada casino gambling revenue topped $1 billion in March. This marks the first time since the start of the massive coronavirus pandemic that the local gambling industry has been able to earn that kind of money.

Total revenue for March of this year was $1.07 billion. This figure increased by 38.1% compared to the previous month. It was also up 72.6% from March 2020, when Nevada casinos recorded revenues of $618.1 million.

Strict bandwidth restrictions have also affected the earnings of gambling establishments. Since June 4, 2020, casinos have been operating at 50% of their capacity, but since November this figure has been halved, to 25%. Only since March 15 of this year, gambling entertainment facilities have been able to reopen their halls by half.

According to statistics, the slot machine industry in March 2021 provided the vast majority of gambling revenue in Nevada. Total demand for slot machines on a monthly basis increased by 45.5% (to $772.1 million).

Revenue from table and card games increased by 22.1% (to $294.9 million). dollars). Among the products offered in this category, blackjack was the main revenue driver, bringing in 71.4 million. Baccarat followed with a figure of 68.2 million. Mobile gambling accounted for 385.1 million USD of total turnover in March 2021. 684

Юрисдикция округа Кларк, которая включает Лас-Вегас, обеспечила большую часть доходов. Его общая сумма за март составила 893,2 млн долларов, что на 41,4% больше февральских показателей. Казино в центре Лас-Вегаса принесли 71 млн по сравнению с 501,5 млн, которые заработали объекты на Лас-Вегас-Стрип.

From May 1, casinos will be able to increase their throughput to 80%. If there are no further surges in cases of coronavirus infection, they will be allowed to reach full capacity from June 1.

Recall, Caesarscompleted acquisition of William Hill for $4 billion.

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