Armenia toughens law on advertising of gambling entertainment

At its regular meeting, the Armenian Parliament considered amendments to the law regulating advertising of gambling entertainment in the media. 74 parliamentarians voted for the adoption of new strict norms, one deputy voted against, and another abstained.

Thus, the Armenian authorities have established restrictive measures on the time of advertising of online casinos and sweepstakes. According to the new law, it is allowed to advertise gambling in the country from 22:00 to 07:00.

Deputy Minister of State for Finance Armen Hayrapetyan said that modern law enforcement practice has become the rationale for tightening the rules for gambling advertising.

The representative of the My Step political force Babken Tunyan commented on the current situation in the gambling market of Armenia: “Over the past year and a half, this sector of the economy of our country has been growing at an accelerated pace. Citizens go to the online segment en masse, spend more time on online casinos. However, we must increase the effectiveness of the fight against illegal gambling. One of the effective solutions to the problem is to tighten the rules of advertising. We must ensure that people do not watch it everywhere.”

Among other things, Babken Tunyan added that the government is now developing a more ambitious package of restrictive measures to regulate the activities of gambling operators in Armenia. According to him, in the near future a new initiative will be proposed to the Parliament and public activists for consideration. It will affect the work of bookmakers and other games related to winning money.

Earlier, the Armenian government banned the placement of casinos, betting shops and slot machine halls near educational facilities and cultural and historical places. For the capital of the country, Yerevan, this norm is at around 150 meters, and for other regions - 100 meters. The total area of ​​the premises where slot machines are located cannot exceed 200 square meters. The requirement applies to any gambling establishment.

Recall that the President of Kyrgyzstanoffered to open casinos throughout the country.

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