Videoslots casino has a new way to register customers

Online casino operatorVideoslots offered for Swedish gamblers to register and authorize on the site using a Freja eID. Casino representatives believe that this will improve the user identification procedure.

The online identification system developed specifically for residents of Sweden through the Freja eID mobile application is currently actively expanding the list of available Internet services. Videoslots online casino became one of the partners.

"We believe that gambling should be equally safe and fun. Freja eID will help ensure the protection of players and carefully store their data when registering and using our service. We are implementing this tool to achieve the highest security standards,” said Videoslots COO Olle Scottling.

Verisec, the international company that developed the app, said it was an important step in identifying users in the Scandinavian market. 684

Videoslots — крупное онлайн-казино, основанное в 2011 году. Имеет лицензии Великобритании, Мальты и Швеции. На сайте собрано более 3800 азартных игр от нескольких десятков производителей софта. Оператор стремится к использованию современных технологий и оперативно реагирует на зарождающиеся в индустрии азартных игр тренды. Деятельность компании отмечена профессиональными наградами в сфере гемблинга.

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