6% of the population of Latvia have problems with gambling

In Latvia, about 70,000 or 6% of the population have problems with gambling. This information is provided by a study by the Ministry of Health of the country (VM).

Head of the Gambling Supervision Inspectorate Signe Birne, in an interview with Latvian television, said that approximately 16,000 or 1.3% of the population are seriously addicted to gambling. Reportedly, the VM study was conducted last year. It was the first in Latvia, showing how big the problem of gambling addiction is.

In addition, Birne confirmed that from January 1, 2020, a unified “register of self-excluded persons” began to operate in Latvia. A person who is fond of gambling can apply for inclusion in this list, which will deprive him of access to such entertainment. The inspectorate then sends these materials to the operators, who check the customers and prevent them from playing.

Supervisory inspectorate spokeswoman Magdalena Pranaite stated that relatives of a gambling addict can help solve this problem, but should be able to discover her. This can be seen, for example, by where the money is spent. A person with addiction has the right to consult a psychiatrist or narcologist. Only these specialists can confirm the presence of gambling addiction in a patient.

Recall that the well-known Ukrainian political scientist Anton Kuchukhidzetold about the future of the gambling market in Ukraine.

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