Estonia to launch state program to combat problem gambling

Estonian Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik has signed an order to allocate 200,000 euros to finance the Counseling Center for gambling (MTÜ). These funds will be used to monitor problematic gambling among young people and support an existing gambling addiction treatment center. In addition, MTÜ's gambling analysts will conduct extensive research on the impact of gambling behavior on people.

Funding comes from partnership agreements to enable the Ministry of Social Affairs to collaborate with and support the development and development of non-governmental organizations. potential.

According to the department, the center currently provides free psychological consultations to 200 clients. It also offers help with debt problems.

In Estonia, according to government statistics, the number of people at risk of gambling-related harm has increased to 7% over the past year. 682

Пилле-Риин Индермитт, руководитель Консультационного центра MTÜ по азартным играм, заявил: «Пандемия Covid-19 повлияла на рост игорной активности как среди молодежи, так и среди взрослого населения. Мы понимаем, что увеличение популярности азартных игр связано с надеждой улучшить свое финансовое положение, ведь возможности трудоустройства существенно сократились. Однако такая тенденция чревата большими проблемами для государства, если мы говорим про развитие лудомании».

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