In Russia approved the creation of a single regulator of gambling

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a law that will regulate the entire sphere of gambling. Responsibility for the implementation of this initiative was assigned to the public law company "Unified Gambling Regulator". It will monitor all payments and transactions in favor of gambling operators. The Ministry of Finance will act as the founder of this organization.

In addition to these powers, the regulator will stop the creation of illegal online gambling operators and stop the operation of such companies. Also, the Unified Gambling Regulator, if necessary, will be able to apply to the Federal Tax Service on the legality of the measures taken against violators of the current gambling legislation of the Russian Federation.

Also, within the framework of the adopted document, a single transfer accounting center will be created, which will monitor all payments from individuals, including electronic ones. The body, within the framework of the implementation of the law, has the right to withhold part of the deductions from all bets made without any gradation.

The bill also provides for the creation of a compensation fund, the formation of which will fall on the shoulders of representatives of the gambling business - organizers and operators. These funds will be used if these legal entities fail to fulfill their obligations to customers. The size of the target deduction will be 1% of the total calculated base of rates.

The deputies are sure that the implementation of this project will make it possible to allocate additional funds for the development of children's and youth sports and ensure a centralized flow of funding to professional sports organizations.

Recall, the State Duma will oblige social networksto control advertisingof illegal gambling operators.

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