Two hotels in Kyiv received permission to open slot machine halls

The Ukrainian gambling regulator (KRAIL) officially announced the issuance of permits to two Kyiv hotels, according to which halls of slot machines can be located on the territory of the objects. These companies are OOO LD-Perspektiva and OOO Hotel Property. All supporting documentation is posted on the official website of the Supervision Commission.

According to the decision of the department, 313 sq. m. of the basement of the three-star metropolitan hotel "Rus" "LD-Perspektiva" has the right to organize a slot machine hall or open a sports betting center within the framework of the current gambling legislation of Ukraine.

By the same permission, Hotel Property intends to place a betting office or a room with slot machines on the ground floor and basement of the Lybid Hotel.

Отель Лыбидь в Киеве
Premier Hotel Lybid

Important It should be noted that CRAIL was forced to deny Hotel Management permission to open a land-based gambling facility in the five-star InterContinental Hotel. The regulator announced that it made a decision to refuse due to the inconsistency of the technical passport of the premises, as it does not meet the established requirements.

Earlier, the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries of Ukraine decided to issue the first online casino license in the history of the legal gambling market in Ukraine. Its owner was Spaceix LLC (owns the Kosmolot trademark). For this permission, she will pay 23.4 million hryvnia. The State Treasury confirmed that the corresponding license fee has already been credited to its account.

However, the transitional provisions of the current gambling legislation provide for payment for a five-year online casino license in the amount of 39 million hryvnia (6,500 minimum wages). There were no comments from officials explaining this situation.

Recall thatthere will betwo new online casinos in Ukraine.

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