Prague will completely ban slot machines

The authorities of Prague have approved a new decree, according to which, from January 1, 2021, a complete ban on the placement and use of slot machines. Operators operating in the Czech capital will be able to liquidate the entire fleet in three stages before the licenses expire.

Opposition parties have criticized the document, noting that this decision will lead to a large loss of tax revenues to the city treasury. Last year alone, representatives of the gambling business in Prague replenished the budget by 770 million kroons. About 440 million of this amount came as payment for the operation of slot machines, which will be banned.

Approximately half of these funds are distributed to individual city districts, depending on the population. The money goes to initiatives that support sports, culture, education and social programs.

A number of local activists have asked to keep slot machines open in some areas, such as hotel casinos. However, according to officials, this could violate Czech competition law.

Recall that the Ukrainian casino licenseis among the top five most expensive in the world. 695

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