The State Duma wants to ban banks from cooperating with online casinos

An initiative was sent to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, according to which any credit institution in the country, including banks, and mobile operators will be prohibited from entering into partnership agreements with online casinos and illegal lotteries. The main authors of the bill are representatives of the deputy corps - Alexander Khinshtein and Sergey Zhigarev.

The current legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the Federal Tax Service to keep records of all operators that organize illegal gambling business on the Internet. The activities of such companies have been completely banned since 2007. The exceptions are bookmakers and sweepstakes that have official Russian licenses.

The document states: “Any credit institutions, postal and mobile communication operators and other payment system agents do not have the right to enter into agreements with persons in whose favor the legislation of the Russian Federation prohibits money transactions. If such contracts have already been concluded earlier, they are subject to immediate termination. The deadline for terminating partnerships between the two parties is a month from the date of publication of the list of illegal gambling operators presented on the official website of the Federal Tax Service. organizers of online casinos and other gambling platforms.

Кроме того, с 2018 года Центральный банк России ввел вето на осуществление международных денежных переводов, которые предназначены незаконным организаторам онлайн-казино и другим игорным площадкам.

Credit organizations that violate the new law will be accountable for their actions to the Federal Tax Service. If they are found guilty, then a policy of revoking the license to conduct the relevant activity can be applied as a sanction.

Websites making cross-border transfers in favor of gambling companies banned in Russia will be subject to extrajudicial blocking by decision of the Federal Tax Service.

Recall that WebMoneybanned осуществлять транзакции в пользу онлайн-казино.

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