Casinos near schools and hospitals were banned in Armenia

At its regular meeting, the Government of Armenia considered and adopted a resolution according to which the operation of casinos and bookmakers will be banned in close proximity to educational institutions and cultural and historical places. The document also limits the location of gambling establishments near hospitals and administrative buildings.

In the capital of the country, Yerevan, the radius of the ban will be 150 meters, and for other regions this figure will be 100 meters. Separately, it is worth noting the restriction for Vayots Dzor, Syunik and Tavush regions, where it will be only 50 meters.

The bill separately prescribes the area of ​​gambling rooms in each institution - it should not exceed 200 square meters. In the reception, which must be in every casino and slot machine hall, visitors will be required to check documents. The decree strictly regulates the age of admission to gambling entertainment - from 21 years. Also, casinos will not let people who are recognized by the court as gambling addicts.

Recall that in Russiasupervision will be tightenedover tax revenues from winnings of individuals in gambling .

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