Head of CRAIL spoke about the mechanisms for protecting Ukrainian citizens from gambling

Chairman of the Commission on Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries of Ukraine Ivan Rudy revealed important aspects of protecting the rights of citizens as part of the reform of the gambling industry. The functionary published his appeal in video format on the official Facebook page of the regulator.

According to the official, in the entire history of the existence of the gambling industry, many methods and means have been invented that were used by unscrupulous operators. All this has led to the fact that now a trail of notoriety has formed around the gambling business. A similar practice existed in Ukraine, but with the official legalization of this industry in August last year, the activities of most companies were stopped.

Next, Rudy spoke about the mechanisms that CRAIEL will use to protect ordinary citizens from the negative effects of gambling. Firstly, according to the head of the regulator, the so-called player identification card will soon be introduced in Ukraine.

“This restrictive instrument has proved its effectiveness in practice in various countries. The document will contain all the basic information - full name, age and other data. According to them, a decision will be made on the admission or non-admission of a person to gambling establishments. This card will give us an understanding of whether a citizen is in a separate register of persons who cannot visit the casino,” Ivan Rudy specified.

Иван Рудый
Chairman of CRAIL of Ukraine Ivan Rudy

He also noted that within the framework of Ukrainian jurisdiction the practice of self-restraint will be implemented. Its essence lies in the fact that a particular player or his close relative will be able to independently submit an application to the Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission with a request to restrict his access to casinos or slot machine halls. The authority has the right to accept this request and prohibit such a person from gambling for a period of six months to three years. At the same time, a citizen will have the opportunity to limit himself not to enter gambling establishments, but to limit the maximum spending limit for a certain period.

Recall that another online casino in Ukrainereceived игорную лицензию.

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