Women make more money gambling than men

Company888 Holdings results released research on the difference in the behavior of men and women in classic gambling and sports betting. It turned out that the fairer sex is more successful players.

The study indicates that men from 25 to 34 years old lose about 8.4% of their funds when placing bets on sports, while women from the same age group receive profit 127%. According to statistics, women aged 35 to 44 earn even more on rates - 130%. According to experts, this is due to the fact that the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are less likely to make an emotional choice based on sports preferences. Men are more likely to bet on their favorite teams, regardless of the results shown.

In addition, 888 Holdings found that women lose less money in online casinos. On average, they lose about 24%, while for men this figure reaches 47%.

888 Holdings is one of the largest providers of online gambling entertainment. The company was founded in 1997.online casino, poker room and bookmaker.

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The BeastNewcomer
October 16, 2019

Not surprising in our time. A couple of years ago it was a curiosity for a girl to play slot machines and casinos. Now they even stream on YouTube, I once saw a video with a blonde who hit a good jackpot live on some slot.

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